Welcome to Phoenix Farm

Our Hillside Home in Central Maine

Welcome to Phoenix Farm, our home in Central Maine. The farm was started in 1969 and was originally part of a larger farm. The stone walls have trees growing through them that are at least 150 years old, probably older. This land has some of the best plant growing soil found in Maine.

The farm covers 75 acres of fields and woods on the southeast side of a small hill. At the base of the hill a little river called Martin Stream passes through the farm. There is a maple orchard on the north side of the farm. Two fields were planted to apple orchards. Over the years many of the trees have died, whittling the orchards down from 800 trees to about 200. A small vineyard of purple, red and white grapes grows near the house. Just north of the house is a home orchard of sour cherry and pear trees. Below this orchard is a patch of 400 highbush blueberry plants.

The barn lies downhill and to the north of the house. Directly downhill from the house is a 50'X 50'garden space. Pastures and a half-acre farm pond fill the long plateau below the garden. South of the pond, beyond an ancient tree-lined stone wall is a large hayfield. From there the land drops down into woodlands that run along both sides of Martin Stream. From the farm a panorama opens across a valley of fields and forests to an opposing ridge of trees, fields and scattered homes a mile away.

Some of the produce from Phoenix Farm includes: pure maple syrup, organic apples, pears, sour cherries, grapes and highbush blueberries, jams and jellies, garden vegetables, autumn decorations like gourds and indian corn, hay, firewood, beef, angora rabbits, angora fiber and yarn, araucana and ameraucana chickens and blue eggs.

Seasons on the Farm


Life on the Farm


By the Farm Pond

To feel the wind, sun and rain,
To breathe the clean air,
To coax life from deep soil,
And move in time with the seasons' slow dance,
This is the essence of existence,
And wealth beyond the treasure of kings.

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