The Animals

Meet the animals living at the farm.


Baron and Buddy

Baron and Buddy are purebred German shepherds and best friends. They keep a close watch of the comings and goings on the farm. They were both born in 1999. Buddy came from the Humane Society and Baron came to the farm as an 8-week-old pup.


Rusty, born in 1993, is an orange tabby shorthair who came to the farm as a kitten from the Humane Society. He is very people-oriented and loves to sleep on pillows above people's heads

Mr. Misload

Mr. Misload was a stray cat who stowed away in Tim's delivery truck in 1997 and was adopted by us. He was about one year old and seemed to have had a very hard life. He suffered from malnutrition and various parasites. He's become a very handsome and happy cat who is especially fond of Tim.


Toby is the baby, born in 2002. He was a fostered kitten from the Humane Society who had poor nutrition and lost all his fur at 6 weeks except a funny mohawk on the top of his head. He's so active, athletic and intelligent, no one would believe he had such a rough start.


Born in 1996, Lydia is a brown tiger who came from the Humane Society. She is especially fond of Lorien and stays in her room most of the time. She loves to go for walks on the leash outside.


Maggie, a brown tabby long-haired Maine coon-type, was born in 1998 and came from the Humane Society. She had spent the first year of her life in a basement with very little human contact. It took her 4 years to learn to like being patted and held and to show affection for humans.


Molly is a gray and white longhaired Maine coon-type who came from the Humane Society. She was born in 2000 and is very loving and playful. She tries to stop people from going in the shower by batting at their legs as they climb in the tub. Maybe she's afraid something bad will happen while they're behind the curtain.

Annie and Sarah

These two tuxedo cat sisters came to live at Phoenix Farm in February 2006. They were about 7 months old then. They were adopted because their previous owner was allergic to them and was going to have them put to sleep. These girls are so sweet, loving and playful. They are wonderful additions to our cat family.



A 3/4 Saddlebred mare born in 1989, Vista is a wonderful riding horse and good mother. Her gait is very comfortable and she goes well English, Saddleseat, Western or bareback. Vista came to the farm as a 10-month-old filly. She is currently pregnant with her second foal.

Vista with her first foal, a Morgan-Saddlebred-cross colt named Equinox, when he was only a few days old

Baby beef calf

4-day-old baby jersey bull calf.

Beef steer

The calf in the photo above grew into this 18-month-old steer.

Baby Araucana chicks

Ameraucana and Araucana chicks in the brooder box. These babies are about one week old.

Ameraucana eggs

Ameraucana eggs come in shades of pastel to medium blue and turquoise.

Araucana chicks

These black Araucana chicks are about 4 months old. They all are rumpless and have eartufts. The hens lay light blue eggs.

Araucana rooster chick

A rumpless, eartufted Araucana cockerel about 2 months old

Araucana chick

This rumpless cockerel is about 3 months old, he has no eartufts


An English/French cross albino angora buck, Flint is the father of the baby bunnies in the photo below


The mother of the babies below, Pearl is an English/French cross chocolate angora doe

Baby angora rabbits

At one month old, these little angora rabbits have just started to grow their long coats

Our Animal Friends Who are Gone


1979-1994, born on the farm, Sirranon was a Morgan-cross gelding who was full of life and loved to run. He was a trusty riding horse and best friends with Skipper. They often raced each other around the fields and are buried together in a corner of the pasture.


1981-1994, Skipper, who came from the Humane Society as a pup, was a very intelligent and loyal dog who lost a hind leg to a car accident when he was one. He was not slowed by his handicap, but enjoyed walks, swimming and following the horse on trail rides throughout his life.

Sirri and Skipper playing in an autumn pasture

1995-1999, our pal Kaiser, a German shepherd, came to the farm as a 6-month-old pup. He filled our lives with love and left too soon, taken by cancer. He and Salena were good friends and are buried side by side.


1988-2003, Sal was a black lab-husky cross with one blue eye and one brown eye. She loved everybody and always wanted to be part of the action.


1989-2006, much loved and sadly missed, Minue spent her life in the fields and forests of Phoenix Farm. When not patrolling for squirrels raiding the chicken feed or following us for long walks, Minue enjoyed snoozing curled up on a pillow next to someone's head. A kind and gentle cat, Minue was always the first to welcome new cats, never fighting, always pleasant. She played like a kitten, even at 17 years old.