By Philip S. Lott

This compilation of Bolivian Quechua words was completed primarily while the author was serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the area surrounding Potosí, Bolivia, in 1978 and 1979.

© Copyright 2000 by Philip S. Lott.
All rights reserved.

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a well, then. (Abbreviated form of ari.)
A! Oh!
abajeño purple skinned potato
abunu fertilizer (from Spanish abono, which actually derives from Quechua wanu)
abril April (sp.)
acasu you mean to tell me (sp.)
achachi Old person
achakiy to say one thing and do something else
achanqara begonia
achay that (emphatic)
achira plant like the potato
achuma qhewillu a type of cactus
achhiy to sneeze
afligiy to grieve, worry (sp.)
agustu August (sp.)
agradecey to thank (sp.)
ajina like this, like that
ajllay to choose
ajtuy to spit out
ajsu woven cloth worn on back by Indian women
ajwa needle (sp.)
aka feces
akatanqa dung beetle. (Literally 'pupe-pusher'.)
akay to defecate
akulliy to chew coca
akulliy hura time of break from morning's work to chew coca; about 10:00 a.m..
akuy to put something in the mouth
Alaláu! Brrr!, How cold!
Alaláy! Brrr!, How cold!
alberga pea (sp.)
alcaldi Mayor (sp.)
alcul alcohol (sp.)
alma spirit, soul (sp.)
almilla dress worn by Indian women
alujay to lodge, give boarding (sp.)
alpaqa alpaca. (Relative of the llama.)
alqo dog
alqo alqo ant-like insect with a colored back (yellow or red). It makes a crying noise and it stings.
alqo tuna a type of cactus like qhewillu
alqochay to insult (lit. make a dog of)
alwa alfalfa (sp.)
allay to dig
allchhi grandchild.
allimanta slowly, deliberately.
allin good, fine, ok.
allinchay to fix, make good
ama no. (Used as command.)
amañay to learn (Apparently peculiar to the Betanzos area), also yachakuy
amañachiy to teach (Apparently peculiar to Betanzos area), also yachachiy
ami disgust
amichiy to disgust
amikuy to be tired of, bothered with something
amigu friend (sp.), also kawsaqe
amusiku chicken foot plant (leaves shaped like chicken foot)
anata musical instrument, also tarka
anathuya skunk
ancha very, a lot
angel angel (sp.)
anillo ring (sp.)
animal animal (sp.)
anka eagle, falcon
anku tendon, nerve
ankhiy to gnaw
antawara reddish clouds seen in morning and evening
antawaramuy to red cloud
antis rather (sp.)
añawayu type of thorn plant with yellow flowers
añawi same as añawayu
apachimuy to send to here
apachiy to send
apamuy to bring
apasanka spider that carries its eggs on its back
apay to carry
apillidu last name (sp.)
api drink made from purple corn flour, cloves and toasted citrus peels
aprovechay to profit, take advantage of (sp.)
apuray to hurry (sp.)
aqha corn liquor
aqhay to make corn liquor
araña spider (sp.)
ararankha type of lizard
arku arch (sp.)
ari well, then
arí yes
arqhey to breathe heavily
arreglay to fix (sp.)
arrepentikuy to repent (sp.)
arrimay to lean against (sp.)
arruba measurement of weight, about 25 pounds (sp.)
arrus rice (sp.)
arwi adobe (sp.)
as- a little, kind of (prefix)
asikuy to laugh
asipayay to make fun of
askha a lot, much, many
as(lla)manta suddenly, quickly
asna bad odor; stench
asnay to stink
as(ta)wan more (explain when -ta added)
astilla splinter, chip of wood (sp.)
Atatáu Ouch!
Atatáy Ouch!
atinikuy to trust
atiray to take one thing from off another
atiy power, ability
atiy to be able, can
atipay to conquer, win, overcome
atoj fox
aves sometimes (sp.)
avesnin sometimes (sp.)
awantay to endure, put up with (sp.)
away to weave
awayu woven cloth, usually used to carry things
awilu grandparent (sp.); also awki
awina oats (sp.)
awki grandparent
awtu car, auto (sp.)
aya cadaver
ayapampa cemetery
ayarampu small cactus with red fruit, its seeds are used to color drinks
aycha meat, flesh
ayllu tribe, extended family unit
aymara language and people closely related to Quechua that live in the area surrounding Lake Titicaca
ayni mutual help
ayninakuy to lend help for help
ayñay to bark
ayñanakuy to argue
ayphu unclear, light, hard to see
ayqey to escape
ayqoy to moan, groan
aysay to drag, pull; to put bulls in the field to aporcar
aysiri sorcerer
ayunay to fast, abstain from eating (sp.)
ayves sometimes (sp.)
aywiy to swarm
azucar sugar (sp.); also misk'i
azul blue (sp.)


bañakuy to wash oneself; to swim (sp.)
Bartulu old name of Betanzos
basta enough (sp.)
bausi vapor
bautisay to baptize (sp.)
bautisakuy to be baptized (sp.)
bendicion blessing (sp.)
bendeciy to bless (sp.)
bik'uña vicuña
binchuka type of poisonous bug
bisk'acha wild rabbit-like animal
buen día good morning, general salutation (sp.)
bunday to peel something
burru burro (sp.)
burru k'allampa type of wild honey


cabal perfect (sp.)
cafe brown (sp.)
cambiay to change (sp.)
carajo damn (expression of disgust) (sp.)
caro expensive (sp.)
casero customer, buyer (sp.)
castigay to punish(sp.)
casuy to obey, pay attention to (sp.)
contestay to answer (sp.), also kutichiy
converso convert (sp.)
corriy to run (sp.)
costal woven bag used to carry produce (sp.)
creey to believe; belief, doctrine (sp.)
cruzay to cross (sp.)


chajmay to reharvest
chajnay to load an animal
chajra field
chajru a mix
chajruy to mix 
chaka bridge
chaka groin
chakatay to crucify
chaki foot, leg 
chakisituyojña baby who is able to walk
chaki moqo knee
chaki ñañu ankle 
chaki senqa shin, front part of lower leg
challpuy to soak
challwa little fish; tadpole, pollywog
chanin a lot, much
chaninchay to add to something there is already a lot of
chankaka brown sugar
chankaykachay to stagger, stumble
chansakuy to joke
chanta then 
chapaku person from Tarija
Chaqe Town near Betanzos; site of thermal springs
chaqollu haba bean
charanku guitar-like musical intrument
Charkas Sucre
chawa raw, uncooked
chawpi in the middle, center; between
chawpinchay to place in the middle, center, in between
chawpi p'unchay midday, noontime
chawpi tuta midnight 
chawujriy to shake (like a rug)
chay that
chayamuy to arrive here, to come
chayaqe distant relative, boarder
chayay to arrive, to get done (food)
chaypacha then (used with maypachachus)
chayrayku because of that
chaywampis nevertheless
chay jawa besides that, outside of that
chejniy to hate, despise
cheqa truth
cheqamanta truly, verily
cheqan straight 
cheqanchana shortcut 
cheqanchay to make straight
chicha corn liquor 
chichi food ground up for small children
chichu pregnant
chichuyay to become pregnant
chijchiy to smile
chikiray to seperate baby animals from their mother
chili jak'u white flour
chillwi chick
chimpa front
chimpay to come closer, near
chinkay to lose
chiwu goat (sp.)
Chorrillos place located between Betanzos and Lajas Mayu
chujllu corn on the cob
chujllu khuru corn worm
chujru hard and dried out (like bread)
chullchuykuy to be without strength
chullpa ancient artifact, mummy, round tomb
Chullpa Pata place near Malka
chullunka ice
Chukisaka Sucre
chukuy to squat
chulluy to soak
chumpi woven belt
chumpillikuy to put on woven belt
chunka ten
chunkachay to tithe
chunkitu affectionate nickname
chupa tail
chupilla female genitals
churay to put, place
churi son; also qhari wawa


ch'achuch'aja hoarse
ch'ajchuy to sprinkle
ch'ajra uma discheveled, messed-up hair
ch'ajway to yell, make noise
ch'akataya type of medicinal plant
ch'aki dry
ch'aki sonqo sober, serious
ch'akiy to dry, to be thirsty 
ch'alaych'altay to splash, sprinkle
ch'allay to give a splash of liquor as an offering to Pachamama
ch'allpaj the sound of walking in water
ch'allpay to splash
ch'ampa entangled
ch'anqay to throw
ch'anyita black and yellow bird used to draw lucks from a box
ch'apu bearded
ch'aqe type of soup 
ch'aran wet
ch'aranchay to make wet
ch'arki jerky; thin
ch'arkiy to make jerky
ch'arkiyay to become thin
ch'aska star (usually Venus)
ch'aska ñawi big, beautiful eyes 
ch'ataj the sound of closing a lock
ch'atay to fasten; to accuse, denounce
ch'awara type of rope
ch'away to milk
ch'awjra dry stick, branch
ch'elqey to squish between the fingers
ch'eqoy to work stone, metal or wood
ch'ichi dirty
ch'ichichay to make dirty
ch'ijtay to cut firewood; to break open a slaughtered lamb
ch'illa bladder
ch'illawi wheat or grass stock used to feed livestock
ch'illchimuy to sprout a new plant 
ch'illpiy to mark livestock by cutting their ears
ch'in quiet, silent; silence
ch'in pacha quiet place; desert 
ch'inyay to shut up, be quiet
ch'iñi very small
ch'ipa net used to carry things
ch'ipeyay to entangle
ch'iqey to scatter
ch'ira tool used to dig potatoes (also lank'ana)
ch'irmiy to blink 
ch'irway to squeeze; to wring out 
ch'isi evening; last evening
ch'isiyay to become evening
ch'iti child, little brat
ch'iya larva
ch'ojñi crust on the eyelids
ch'onqay to suck
Ch'onqeri train station with eucalyptus trees on the way to Tecoya
ch'oqoy to gulp
ch'ujlla little hut out in the fields 
ch'uju cough
ch'ujuy to cough
ch'ultikuy to wash oneself in water
ch'ultin sound of entering water 
ch'ultiy to enter into water 
ch'ulla odd, unpaired
ch'ulla chaki one legged
ch'ulla ñawi one eyed
ch'ullu cap with ear flaps (also lluch'u
ch'ullu ch'ullu yellow flowered plant (zapatilla)
ch'umay to strain
ch'umpi brown
ch'umpi sara type of corn
ch'unchula intestine
ch'unqa ch'unqa plant with red velvet flowers
ch'uñu freeze dried potatoes
ch'uru sea shell
ch'usu wrinkled, squinty
ch'usaj empty
ch'usay to go far away
ch'useqa owl
ch'uspa little woven bag used to carry coca
ch'uspi fly
ch'utay to peel (like a tuna)
ch'utilluch'utiy to take off one's clothes, to drop one's pants
ch'utiy to attack, hit (the hitting together of marbles)
ch'utoj the sound of a kiss
ch'utu lump; hill; wad of coca in the mouth
ch'uwiy to wrap
ch'uya clear, transparent


chhajllu  type of plant (like sila sila)
chhaka  type of big ant
chhalla  dry corn plant; ox food; not heavy
chhama  mixture of coarse and fine elements
chhanqa  plate of food made with chicken or rabbit meat
chhapu  pitu mixed with caldo
chhapu chhapitu  very early in the morning
chhapuy  to mix grain with water
chharpu  cloudy; strained vision
chharpuykuy  to struggle, strain (like an old truck on an incline)
chhasay  to make a mistake in futbol
chhichhinakuy  to whisper
chhika  size; very
chhilkiwa type of thorn 
chhilltu chilltu  plant with lavender flowers
chhiñi  bat
chhiru chhiru type of bird
chhoqo  long, oblong shaped
chhukuy  to take care of a crying baby, to rock a crying baby
chhulla  dew
chhulla para  dew
chhullay to dew 
chhullchu  type of black bird
chhullunka  ice
chhuluy  to peck
chhurku  curly
chhusuy  to disinflate; to silently pass gas
chhutu  bird beak
chhutuy  to peck


dejay to leave (sp.)
de repente maybe, possibly; suddenly, all of asudden (sp.) also re depente
desgracia disgrace, misfortune (sp.)
dia day; birthday (sp.)
diachaku birthday (sp.)
diachakuy to celebrate a birthday (sp.)
Dios God (sp.)
Diosman kutirej convert
Diosman kutiriy to repent; (lit.) to return to God
Diosmanta mañakuy prayer; to pray; (lit.) to ask of God
Diospa atiynin priesthood; (lit.) God's power
diospagarasunki thank you; (lit.) God will repay you
diospagaray to thank
disimbri December (sp.)
disparate nonsense (sp.)
durazno peach (sp.)


engañay to deceive, to take advantage of (sp.)
engaño deception (sp.)
enqhay to add wood to the fire
entiendey to understand (sp.)
envidia envy (sp.)
envidiay to envy (sp.)
erqhe crybaby
escribej secretary, scribe (sp.)
escribiy to write (sp.), also qelqey
espantakuy to be in awe, to be amazed (sp.)
espiritu spirit, ghost
espiritu pacha spirit world
estaca stake (sp.)
estancia fields in the campo (sp.)
evangelio gospel (sp.)


faltay to lack (sp.)
familia family (sp.)
fantasma ghost (sp.)
fe faith (sp.)
femanta willana article of faith
feria fair, market
fibriru February (sp.)
fieru ugly
finca ranch, farm (sp.)
firmay to sign (sp.)
fiesta party (sp.)
fiestay to party (sp.)
flaco skinny (sp.)
fletay to rent (sp.)
frasada blanket
fregay to go wrong; to break (sp.)
futbol soccer (sp.)


gracias thanks (sp.)
grano grain (sp.)
Guindas Pampas plain just before arriving at Tecoya from Betanzos


haba broad bean (sp.)
holandesa type of potato (sp.)


i isn't that so?, isn't that right?
ichá possibly, maybe, perhaps
ichapis possibly, maybe, perhaps
icharí(s) isn't that so?, isn't that right?
ichhu straw
iglesia church (sp.)
illawa tool used in weaving to keep the threads straight
ima what?; thing; also
imajtin why?
imajtinchus because
imanay to do what?
imarayku why?
imaraykuchus because
imaymana type, class
imayna how
imilla young girl
inawa slip, inner skirt, woman's underware
inglesia church (sp.)
iniru January (sp.)
insultay to insult, to disparage (sp.)
inti sun
inti t'ika sunflower
inti wañuy eclipse of the sun
inti yaykuy sundown
iphuy to drizzle
irpa little bird; child
irqhe cry baby
isabela century plant
isañu type of oca
iskay two
iskay palabra a few words
iskay sonqo doubtful, undecided
iskaychay to divide into two parts
iskayrayay to doubt
ismusqa rotten
ismuy to rot
isq'on nine
Istancia place by the Tecoya thermal waters
ituy to carry a pot from the oven to the table
itha flea
ithiriy to stand back


jach'u used wad of coca or cane spit out of the mouth; Bolivian policeman (green uniform)
jach'u simi habitual coca user
jach'uy to chew or suck on substances that leave a residue in the mouth
jaku let's go
jak'u flour
jalq'a papa type of potato
jallch'ay to save
jallmay to build a mound around a potato plant
jallp'a earth; land
jallq'ay black and white colored animal
jampi medicine
jampiri medicine man
jampiy to cure, to give medicine
jampuy to come returning
jamp'atu toad
jamuy to come
janaj high, far away
janaj pacha heaven
janak'achi thorn bush with shiny leaves
janch'uy to chew or suck on cane or corn stock
jank'a toasted grain or legumes
jank'ay to toast
jap'apeyay to make the sound of a goat, to baa
jap'eqay to learn, to understand; to be sick due to Pachamama
jap'ichiy to give, (lit.) to make receive; to turn on, to make catch
jap'iy to receive, to take hold of, to grab onto
jaqay yonder, over there
jarap'ay scarecrow
jark'ay to hold back, to impede
jasp'iy to scratch something
jasut'iy to whip, to punish (sp.)
jatarichiy to make to stand up, to make to get up
jatariy to stand up, to get up
jatun big, grand
jatun k'anchay lightning
jat'aqo plant with edible leaves
jaw! how spicy!, how hot!
jawa outside; broad bean (sp.), see haba
jawa laqha outer darkness
jawiy to annoint
jay? what?, used when something not heard or understood
jaya picante, spicy, hot
jayaqe bitter; bile
jayk'a how many?, also mayk'a
jayk'aj when, also mayk'aj
jayt'arikuy to stretch the legs out
jayt'ay to kick
jayway to hand over, to give
jich'ay to spill, to throw out a liquid
jik'uy to hiccough
jina like, as
jinay to do like
jinti basin, tub to wash in
jiq'eqay to drown; to strangle
jisp'ana urinating organ, penis
jisp'ay to urinate
joq'o wet
joq'ollu pollywog
joq'oy to wet
jucha sin
juchachay to accuse, to make guilty
juchallikuy to sin, (lit.) to carry sin
juchayoj sinner; guilty
juchasapa sinner; guilty
juchata pampachay to forgive sin
juch'uy small
juku owl
juk'ucha mouse
juliu July (sp.)
jullut'uma a type of black and red snake
jumint'a tamale
jumint'ay to make tamales
jump'i sweat
jump'iy to sweat
juniu June (sp.)
junta council
junt'a full
junt'asqa very full
junt'ay to fill, to fulfill, to keep
juñi skein of yarn
jurk'uta pigeon
jusi sickle
jusk'u hole
jusk'uy to make a hole
jut'u corn or haba stocks piled up in the field
juy! Oh!


ka ka here, take this
kacharipuy to set free
kacharpari farewell
kacharpariy to bid farewell, to send off
kachay to send
kachaykuy to send, to send down
kachaykukuy to run
kachi salt
kachi churana salt shaker
kaj being
kalisto eucalyptus (sp.)
kallpa strength
kallpayoj strong
kamachej ruler, leader
kamachi servant
kamachisqa commandment, law
kamay to order, to govern, to command
kampa person from Santa Cruz, also camba
kanay to burn, to make a flame
kanka roast
kankay to roast
kanlli type of sagebrush
kantu border, edge
kapuy to have
karu far away; expensive (sp.)
karuna cloth put on burro's back for protection
karunchay to leave, to go far away
kasaraku wedding (sp.)
kasarakuy to get married (sp.)
kasero buyer, customer (sp.)
kasuy to obey (sp.)
katari snake
kawsay to live; life
kay to be; this; here
kedakuy to stay, to remain in one place (sp.)
kichariy to open
kiki- same
killa moon
killa wañuy lunar eclipse
kinsa three
kintamanta in place of
kintal 4 arrobas, 100 pounds
kinuwa Andean rice, quinoa
kirpay to top, to cover
kiru tooth
kiru k'ama tooth ache
kuchuna knife
kuchuy to cut
kuka cocaine, coca
kuku ghost, spirit
kullachiy to tickle
kulli dark purple
kulli sara purple corn
kunan now
kunka neck
kuntur condor
kuraj older
kuraj junta high council
kuraka chief
kurku beggar, party crasher
kurkuwallajllay to keep drinking until the last day of the fiesta
kusa good, well, fine
kusi happiness
kusi kusi type of small spider
kusikuy to be happy
kusisqa happy
kutasqa ground up
kutay to grind
kuti time
kutichiy to answer; (lit.) to make return
kutipakuy to chew the cud, to ruminate
kutipuy to become
kutiriy to get better (from an illness)
kutiy to return
kuymi toasted kinua
kuyayaykuy to become skinny
kuyuy to move


k'acha nice, friendly
k'achachakuy to flirt
k'achita pretty
k'achitu pretty
k'aja heat
k'aja onqoy fever
k'ajay to be hot
k'ajcha handball
k'ajchay to tighten the weave of a weaving with the tool called wich'una
k'ajllay to break off a piece (like wood), to open something that is hard to open
k'ajllu hole
k'aka short (skirt or pants)
k'aka siki  short (skirt or pants)
k'allampa type of mushroom
k'allku bitter, sour
k'amiy to scold
k'analla type of pottery
k'anchay light; glory; to give light
k'anka rooster; tall person
k'anti the spinning tool (phushka) used to spin two threads together for weaving
k'antiy to spin two threads together
k'apa cartilage
k'aray to sting, to hurt (pain like alcohol on a wound)
k'arku vinagry
k'arkuchay to make vinagry
k'arun the sound of crunching in the mouth
k'askay to get closer; to stick together
k'aspi stick
k'ata only (Coch.)
k'atu cartilagenous, rubbery
k'ayra frog
k'aywiy to be tired, to feel drowsy
k'ichiy to pinch
k'iluy to wrap up a baby
k'intu small green pepper, also t'una uchu
k'iri lump, knot from a wound
k'isa dried fruit
k'isay to win a stare down
k'ispiñu dumpling, small ball of dough slightly steamed and then eaten
k'ita wild, untamed
k'uchu inside corner
K'uchuk'uchuchay to straighten up, to clean, to organize, (lit.) to put in the corner
k'uku not yet ripe, green, also llullu
k'ukiyay to eat green fruit
k'ullku narrow
K'ullku town near Betanzos where a Saturday maket is held
k'ullu wood
k'umpu hat
k'umpuy to put a lid on a container, to cover, to put on a hat
k'umuykuy to kneel, to bow
k'urpa dirt clod
k'uru concave
k'utuy to cut
k'uycha rainbow
k'uyuray to untwist
k'uyuy to twist thread or rope


khachuy to break or to bite off with the teeth
khaka stutterer
khamuy to chew
khaniy to bite
khapa crotch
khapay to castrate; to take long strides
khara dried manure
kharka rough
kharkatitiy to shake, to tremble
khasay to burp
khipu tuna spines; system by which the Incas kept records of various things with knots made in string
khirkinchu armadillo
khiska thorn
khitukuy to scratch or rub against something
khuchi pig; dirty
khuchi khuchi non-edible onion like plant
khuchichakuy to make a pig of onesself
khuchichay to make dirty
khuru worm; bug
khuska together
khuskan half again
khuyay to love, to have compassion; skinny, thin
khuyuy to whistle


lachiwana black bee-like insect that carries honey
lachiwana misk'i a type of honey
Lajas Mayu man-made reservoir near Mojotorillo (petroglyphs are found there)
lajra cracked
lajray to crack, to break, to scratch
lampa shovel
lampiy to lick
lank'ana tool used to dig potatoes, also ch'ira
lanti idol, graven image
lap'a droopy
laphi leaf
laqaya house without a roof
laq'a dull, unseasoned food
laq'aj sound of slapping
laq'ay to slap
laqha darkness
laqhay to eat like a dog
laqhayay to get dark
larq'a irrigation ditch
lat'u slow
lawa type of thick soup
lawray flame
laya type, class
layqa witch
layqay to practice witchcraft
lerq'o one-eyed
Lik'a Lik'a place located behind Mayu Tampu
lokro type of food
loq'osti fruit like tumbo with black seeds
loq'o runtu rotten egg
loqho hole in cloth that is to be fixed
libro book (sp.)
lijra shoulder; wing
lisu silly
liwa 5 kilometers (sp.)
lugar place; time (sp.)
luk'i board used in weaving
lurun kidney
luruy to take the white skin off of haba


llachuyay to faint; to disrobe
llajllay to carve wood
llajta town, city, country
llajta masi fellow citizen, compatriot
llajwa hot sauce
llajway to lick; to taste, to try (food)
llakikuy to feel bad; melancholy, depression
llallawa two grown from one (corn, banana); city near Oruro
llama camel-like animal
llama kunka long necked
llama untu llama fat sold by llama herders
llamiy to taste, to try
llanch'iy to take out of the pot with the hand
llank'ay to work
llankhay to touch lightly with the fingers; to bother a person
llamp'u soft
llamp'u sonqo soft hearted, humble
llant'a firewood
llanthu shade
llanthuy to shade
llasa heavy
llat'ay to crawl
llave key (sp.)
llaveray to unlock (sp.)
llavey to lock (sp.)
llawar blood
llawar ch'onqa type of plant
llawqhe loose, undone (like a belt)
llawsa saliva, slobber
llijlla woven cape for women with elaborate border
llijt'a ash of cactus or kinua chewed with coca
llika cobweb
llika wira protective body fat
llik'ichiri boogie man, the ripper
llik'iy to rip, tear, break
llilli diaper rash
llimphu clean; totally, completely; all
llimphuchay to make clean, to sanctify
llimphuyay to become clean
llink'i residue, filtrate; clay
llint'ay to fold out and up, to curl
lliphipiy to shine
lliqhoy to glance
lliuj lliuj sound of lightning
llojchiy to touch; to bother
llojsiy to leave
llojt'un deaf
lloq'ay to climb, to mount, to copulate
lloq'e left
lluch'uy to disrobe
lluk'iy to carry under the armpit
llulla lie; liar
llullakuy to lie
llullu not yet ripe, green, also k'uku
llulluch'a dry, edible leaves sold by llama herders
llunk'u party crasher
llunk'uy to clean the plate and lick the fingers
llusk'a slippery ground
llusp'iy to slip
llust'ay to slip, to slide
llut'ay to plaster, to throw mud on the wall


let's see, well, then
machasqa drunk
machay to get drunk, to drink liquor
machu old
machu machu conceited, stuck up, unsociable
machu minchha two days after tomorrow
majt'illu a joke, also ch'utillu
maki hand, arm
maki moqo elbow
maki ñañu wrist
makina train (sp.)
mak'alliy to hug
Malka Mayu place past Mojotorillo where the Muûoz ancestral lands are located
mak'unku little green fruit from the potato plant
mallku young condor
mama mother
Mama Wata small village farther on from Mayu Tampu
mamani hawk; common last name
mana no
mana jayk'aj never
mana pipis no-one
mancharikuy to be afraid
manchay very
manka pot
Mankiri town near Potosí where a sanctuary is located and a big feria is held
manthi cup made from a gourd
manu debt; debtor
manuy to loan, to lend (when the equivalent of what is lent is returned, not the thing lent)
manzana apple (sp.)
mañakuy to ask; to lend, to borrow (the thing lent is returned)
maqanaku war
maqanakuy to fight, to hit one another
maqay to hit
mara onqoy hives
maran flat rock used in grinding (its ground upon)
maran uña round rock used to grind
marq'ay to carry in the arms
marso March (sp.)
masay to knead dough (sp.)
masi fellow
mask'ay to look for, to search
maskha how much?
mast'ay to spread out, to extend
mat'iy to tighten (belt, tie)
mawk'a old, worn out
may where?; very
maych'a plant with yellow flowers
mayk'aj when?, also jayk'aj
mayk'a how much?, also jayk'a
mayllakuy to wash oneself
mayllay to wash
mayqen which?
mayt'usqa huddled, rolled up
mayt'uy to roll, to tie up, to bind
mayu river; May (sp.)
Mayu Tampu village down hill towards PotosÍ from Betanzos
mercado market (sp.)
michi cat, also misi
michi khiru corn on the cob when it is too young to eat, lit. cat tooth
Michitu mountain that faces Tecoya
michiy to watch the herd of sheep
mich'a poor, tight with money
mikhuchiy to feed
mikhuna food
mikhuy to eat
millay repugnant, dirty, ugly
millma wool
millu rock of aluminum sulfate used by witch doctors to diagnose illnesses by its color change when thrown into a fire
millun million (sp.)
milluy to use the millu to diagnose a sickness
minchha day after tomorrow
mini stick used to pass yarn through the weave in weaving
miniy to pass yarn through the weave
mink'a mutual work given for returned work
mink'ay to hire work for returned work instead of pay; to hire a substitute
miray to multiply; generation; multiplication
mircadu market (sp.)
mirkha freckles, spots on a woman's face during pregnancy
mirkha uya freckle face
misi cat, also michi
misk'ay to trip
misk'i sweet, good tasting
miskha early harvest
mistay to need (sp.)
mita time of work, workday (8 hours)
mitikuy to mettle (sp.)
mithay to tear, to pull apart
miyay to urinate
molestay to bother, to molest (sp.)
montanay to stack, to mount one on top of another (sp.)
montanakuy to gather, to crowd
moqo mound, hump, joint; small, dwarfed
moqochinchi drink made from dried peach and water; dried peach
moqo wasa hunch back
Mormompa Libron Book of Mormon
mormon mormon
morq'o ball, round object
morq'oyapuy to make numb
mosoj new
Mosoj Testamento New Testament
mosoj wata new year
mosojchay to make new
mosojmanta again, newly
mosojyay to become new
mosqoy dream, to dream
muchi sore on the face, acne
muchuy to suffer
much'ay to kiss
much'u back part of the neck
muchhay to take grain off the corn cob
muchhu little lamb without horns; (the author's Quechua name - Elder Muchhu)
mujerña mature young woman, grown up, now a woman (sp.)
muju seed
muk'uy to make alcoholic beverage from corn dough and saliva (usually drunk in a turu)
mulistay to bother (sp.)
mulli type of tree
munakuy to love
munapayay to covet
munay to want, to desire
muña sweet smelling sage brush
muru woman after her hair has been cut
muruy to cut or break off the tip of something to cut off the top of trees; to give a haircut
muskiy to smell
musk'a livestock feeding bowl made of stone or wood
muspay to be disoriented
musqoy to dream; dream
mutiya small bush with podded fruit
mut'i boiled grain
mut'iy to boil grain
muthu dull (knife)
muthuchay to make dull
mut'uy to blossom; to sprout; to break forth
muyoj wayra whirlwind
muyuy to go around; surrounding area


na uh (recourse word used while thinking, to stall)
nacechiy to bear, to give birth (sp.)
nacekuy to be born (sp.)
naday to swim (sp.)
nanachiy to make hurt
nanay to hurt; pain
napaykuy to greet
naranja orange (sp.)
naru little yellow bell-shaped flower
ni no (sp.)
ni jayk'aj never
ni pi no-one
nina fire
nina nina little firefly
ninakuy to consult; to equal
ninri ear
ninrichay to deafen
niwa parasitic insect that invades the feet or hands of its human host
niy to say
noqa I, also ñoqa
noqanchis we (inclusive of person spoken to), also ñoqanchis
noqayku we (exclusive of person spoken to), also ñoqayku
no se I don't know (sp.)
nubiemri November (sp.)


ña now, already
ñach'aj sound of hitting the head
ñach'akuy to comb the hair
ñakurutu little green grasshopper
ñak'arichiy to cause pain, to make suffer
ñak'ariy to suffer, to hurt
ñak'ay barely
ñan road, path, trail
ñaña sister's sister
ñañu narrow, thin
ñapis ready; good
ñaqha just a moment ago
ñawi eye
ñawi qara eyelid
ñawi qechera eyelashes
ñawi yana pupil
ñawisapa big eyed
ñawpachiy to advance, to move forward
ñawpaj first
Ñawpaj Testamento Old Testament
ñawpaqe front
ñawpay to lead, to go before
ñit'iy to squeeze
ñoqa I, also noqa
ñoqa wiña my age
ñoqanchis we (inclusive of person spoken to), also noqanchis
ñoqayku we (exclusive of person spoken to), also noqayku
ñujch'u plant with yellow leaves and fruit
ñujtun brain
ñuku one armed
ñuñu female breast
ñuñuchiy to breast feed
ñuñuña berry plant with purple flowers
ñuñuy to breast feed
ñust'a princess; country woman, girl
ñusuy to snort
ñut'u ground up food
ñut'uy to grind up food; to flatter, knead bread


onqosqa sick
onqoy sickness; to be sick
onqoykuy to be sick
oqa potato-like plant
oqe grey, ash colored
oqoti anus
oqotikuy sickness involving the anus
oqoy to swallow
oqhariy to lift, to raise up
oray to pray (sp.)
orqo hill, mountain
orqo sunkha plant that hangs from rocks like a beard
orqhoy to take out, to extract


pacha earth, world; time
pachaj one hundred
Pacha Mama native goddess "Mother Earth"
pajchiri waterfall
pajtataj warning to be careful
pakakuy to hide oneself
pakasqa hidden
pakay to hide
palabra word (sp.)
pali papa type of potato
paltay to put a second load on top of the first (as on a burro)
pallay to gather, to harvest, design in a weaving
pallqa forked, branched
pallta avocado
pampa ground; plain
pampachay to forgive, (lit.) to make level
pantachiy to confuse, to mislead
pantay to be wrong
panti reddish, violet color
panteon cemetery (sp.)
paña right (side)
papa potato
papa imilla round, white potato
papa lisa type of potato
papa runa long, thin, yellow potato
papaya papaya
paqarin dawn, morning hours
para rain
paray to rain
parlay to talk
parrillada food eaten on May day (falso conejo)
pasay to pass through (sp.)
pasayta after (sp.)
paseay to walk around, to travel around (sp.)
paskay to let loose
patron boss; owner of the hacienda
pawchi 'there isn't any'
pawi darkness, confusion
pawikuy to be confused
pay he, she; him, her
paykuna they; them
payla frying pan
pepas marbles
pero but (sp.)
perqa wall
perqay to make a wall
pi who?
pichana broom
pichay to sweep
piensay to think (sp.)
pijchuy to chew kuka
pikaltultu little green frog
piki flea
pili duck
pilpintu butterfly
pillu crown; flowers or food worn as a band on a hat
pinkillu musical instrument (flute)
pintay to paint (sp.)
piru but (sp.)
pirwa barn, shack used to store food
pisi a little
pisi ninriyoj hard of hearing
pisi ñawiyoj not able to read well
pisipayay to lack
pista paved strip; airport
pitay to smoke (cigarrette)
pitu polverized grain
pituy to eat pitu
platano banana (sp.)
pobre poor (sp.), also wajcha, also mana kapuyniyoj
pobreyay to become poor (sp.)
pojchiy to throw chuwi in a game
pojtuy a double handful
pollera pleated skirt worn by cholitas (sp.)
poncho poncho
poqochiy to raise crops
poqoy to grow, to mature
Potosí PotosÍ, capital city of colonial South America
predicay to preach
primo hermano first cousin
profeta prophet, also sut'inchaj
profetizay to prophesy, also sut'inchay
puchoj left overs
puchuy to be overabundant, to be left over
pujllapaya to tease, to annoy
pujllay to play; Carnival
pujyu spring; well; fountain
puka red
pulla pulla 5 petaled flower that sprouts without leaves
pulltiy to sink
puna elevated, cold plain; name of town near Betanzos
punkisqa swollen
punkiy to swell
punku door; Indian who worked for the patron
Punpuri village north of PotosÍ where believers crawl around the cemetery at midnight hoping to be healed by the local Saint
puñu siki person who sleeps a lot
puñuchiy to put to sleep
puñuna bed
puñuy to sleep
puñuy atiy to be sleepy; puñuy atiwan
puñuysapa sleepy, drowsy
puñuywan atichikuy to yawn
pupu bellybutton
puraj both
puraj uya hipocrite, lit. double faced
purajmanta together
puririy to embark, to begin a journey
puriy to walk
puriykachay to walk around
puriysiy to help walk
purutu bean
pusaj eight; leader, guide
pusay to lead, to guide
pututu sea shell or cow horn trumpet
puywan animal heart


p'acha clothes, clothing
p'achachakuy to dress onesself, to get dressed
p'achallikuy to dress onesself, to change clothes
p'achalliy to dress another person
p'ajla bald
p'ajpaku vagabond (magician?)
p'akikoj fragile, breakable
p'akisqa broken
p'akiy to break
p'allta flat
p'amparay to dig up, to unearth
p'ampay to bury
p'api damp; fresh
p'arpay to flatten, to plane
p'aspa dry, rough skin from heat and cold
p'aspay to chap, to dry out
p'enqakuy to be ashamed
p'enqay shame
p'isaqa partridge
p'isqeyay to scare off birds
p'isqo bird
p'itay to knit
p'itiy to break, pull apart
p'uku deep bowl
p'ulqo baby boots made from yarn
p'ultiy to splash
p'un sound of hitting something
p'unchay day
p'uñu really big container used for alcohol or water
P'utujsi old name of PotosÍ; rumbling
p'uytukun type of pitcher


phajchay to overflow, to flood
phallpa toothless
phancha full, open (like a blossomed flower)
phanchay to burst open, to open up
phara simi dry lips
phasakana fruit of the ulala cactus
phasku cold sore
phata very small amount of money, a pittance
phatay to blow upphaway to fly
phichilu penis
phichitanka small person, also t'una runa
philli hair on the body
phina underground storage of vegetables, root cellar
phinkiy to jump
phiña mad, angry, upset
phiñakuy to get mad, to become angry, to become upset
phiñasqa mad, angry, upset
phiri type of food made from ground kinua
phiriy to shatter; to make phiri
phiruru small wooden disk portion of the phuskha
phiskuy to clean lightly
phisqha five
p'ujru holey, holed
phukuchu bladder
phukuy to blow
phullu blanket
phuñi corn hair
phurmuy to overflow, to brim over while boiling; to hold back, to dam
phuru feather
phuskha instrument used to spin wool into yarn
phuskhay to use the phuskha to make yarn
phusulla blister
phutikuy to be sad
phutisqa sad
phutuniriy to pass gas with a bad odor
phutunku hole in the ground
phuyu cloud


qalincha giggly, bothersome girl
qallariy beginning; to start, to begin
qallu tongue
qan you
qan wiña your age
qanchis seven
qankuna you (pl.)
qaqa cliff
qara hide, leather, skin
qara simi dry, chapped lips
qarachiykuy to scab
qaray to serve food
qarpay to irrigate
qarqanchu type of big scavenger bird
qasa cold
qasay to be cold
qawchi the sound of a donkey
qawiy to dry plants in the sun
qayara plant like Isabela but smaller
qaylla close
qayllay to come close
qayna yesterday
qayna wata last year
qaynimpa day before yesterday, a few days ago
qaynimp'unchay day before yesterday
qaywiy to stir
qelqeri know it all, argumentative person
qelqey to write, also escribiy
qena flute
qesachay to despise, to treat badly
qeweña type of sagebrush
qola warmi prostitute
qollpa salty
qollqe money; silver
qollqe sonqo miser
qonqay to forget
qonqoriy to kneel
qopuy to bring back, to return
qoqawi afternoon meal for a trip
qorawiyay to mold
qori gold
qosa husband
qosiyachiy to weaken the sight
qospay to roll over and ove
qowi guinea pig; rabbit
qoy to give
Qoypasi place located above Konapaya


q'achiy to cut (as into a potato when digging)
q'achu barley
q'ala naked
q'ala alqo bald dog
q'ala chaki barefoot
q'alitu all
q'altuy to chew over and over, to ruminate
q'allpiy to sqeeze with the hands, to strangle
q'alluy to cut up (with a knife)
q'apay odor; to smell, to give off an odor
q'apiriy to shake hands
q'apiy to sqeeze with the hand
q'ara llant'a type of rubbery stemmed plant
q'ararenqa black bird with a partly white tail; if this bird sings near you it is bad luck
q'asa chip, chipped
q'aspa wheat bread; Pablo Quekaño's neighbor
q'aya tomorrow
q'ayma tasteless
q'aytu yarn, thread
q'echa diarrhea
q'echichi little parrot
q'ela plant with blue flower; it is used for firewood
q'ellikuy to be spoiled, to be discontented
q'ellinchu type of bird
q'elliskiri spoiled kid, brat
q'ellu yellow
q'ellu sara yellow corn
q'enti hummingbird
q'entisqa shrunken
q'entiy to shrink
q'epi bundle, load carried on the back
q'eshway to twist
q'eta overripe, spoiled
q'ewa coward, homosexual
q'ewi chupa scorpion
q'ewiy to twist
q'eya pus
q'eyachay to become infected
q'oa sagebrush, incense burned to a virgin or saint
q'olltin sound of swallowing
q'olltiy to gulp
q'olluriy to lift up the skirt
q'omer green
q'oncha rustic oven
q'oñi warm
q'oñichiy to warm up
q'opa garbage
q'orunta corn cob
q'oruta testicle
q'osñi smoke
q'osu person who doesn't want to eat
q'oyu bruise
q'oyuyay to bruise


qhachuni daughter-in-law
qhajya sara type of mixed color corn
qhakuy to clean grains like kinua with the hands
qhallallay fresh
qhallay to throw out violently
qhapaj rich
qhapariy to shout, to yell
Qharachipampa plain outside of PotosÍ where the airport is located
qhari man, male
qhari warmi man and wife
qharqoy to cast out, to throw out
qhasi free; in vain
qhasi mana kaj in vain, without reason
qhasimanta in vain, vainly
qhasqa rough textured
qhata the side of a hill
qhatatay to pull, to drag
qhatay to cover
qhatiy to follow
qhatiykachay to persecute
qhatu market stand
qhawaray to criticize
qhaway to look, to watch
qhaway ma! look!
qhayqa drunk
qhayqayakuy to scream, to clamor (drunk)
qhechunakuy to fight over the possession of something
qhechuqay to take down
qhechuy to take away
qhella lazy
qhellakuy to be lazy
qhencha adulterer
qhenchachakuy to commit adultery
qhepa behind, following, next, after
qhepan next, following
qhespichiy to save, to set free, also salvay
qhetikuy to sniff
qhewallu type of big cactus
qhocha lake
Qhochapampa Cochabamba, literally 'lake plain'
qholluy to cut off, to mutilate
qholluqayayqhon the sound of thunder
qhon qhon nimuy to thunder
qhonchu clouded liquid, turbulent
qhoña mucous, snot
qhora weed, plant
qhorana hoe
qhoray to weed
qhorqoy to snore
qhoya mine
qhoysu long pollera like those worn by Aymara women


rak'i part in the hair
rak'iy to distribute, to pass out (Cochabamba)
rakhu thick
rakhu ch'unchula large intestine
rama branch (sp.)
ranchu ranch (sp.); name of little village between Tecoya and Guindas Pampas
rantiy to buy
rasgay to scratch oneself (sp.)
raspay to scrape
ratu a little while, a minute, a second (sp.)
rebajay to discount (sp.)
redepente maybe, perhaps (sp.)
regalay to give as a gift (sp.)
rejch'akuy to seem like, to look like
rejch'ariy to wake up
rejsiy to know; to have seen
relampago lightning (sp.)
reunion meeting (sp.)
rikoj seer
rikuchiy to show
rikuy to see
rikhurichiy to make appear, to organize
rikhuriy to appear
rimay to scold, to admonish (but not to the face)
riparay to realize
ripuy to go
rituñay to sprout
rit'i snow
rit'iy to snow
riy to go
rosado pink (sp.)
rullanu musical instrument
rumi rock, stone
rumi sonqo hard hearted, cold hearted
rumiru sculptor
runa person, man
runa masi fellow man
runa mikhoj cannibal
runa simi Qhechua, literally man's mouth (Peru)
runaykachay to be proud
runtu egg
ruphay heat; to be hot, to burn
ruthuy to cut; to harvest crops
ruway to do, to make, to create


sach'a tree
sach'a sach'a stand of trees, forest
sajmay to punch, to hit with the fist
sajra mean, evil, bad
sajrakuy to be mean
sajsakuy to be full after eating, to be satisfied
sajsasqa full
sajta plate of food with papa lisa
sajwakuy to masturbate (vulgar)
sajway to fornicate (vulgar)
samarina p'unchay day of rest, Sunday
Samasa place between Betanzos and Potosí
samay to rest
sani papa type of potato
sankhu thick, dense
sapa each
sapallu type of squash
sapaychakuy to go off alone
saphana braid of hair
saphi root
saqa saqa dandelion
saqerpariy to abandon
saqey to leave alone, to allow
saq'ampaya type of potato
sara corn
sara t'ika type of re and yellow flowering plant
sarten frying pan (sp.)
saruy to step on
sat'ikuy to enter without permission
sat'iy to plug in
sayay height, stature; steep; to stand up; to behave
sayk'usqa tired, fatigued
sejsiy to itch (v. pron.)
senqa nose
Señorpa cenan sacrament, literally the Lord's Supper
setimri September (sp.)
seq'oy to punish, to whip
sijrakuy to brush the hair
sijrana rustic hair brush made of straw
sika sika caterpillar
siki butt; bottom
siki wayllay to swing the hips
sik'imira ant
sik'iy to uproot, to pull out
sila sila type of bush, chhajlla
silbay to whistle (sp.)
silwi khuru earth worm
sillu fingernail
simi mouth
simi punta lips
simp'ay to braid
sino or (sp.)
sinchi hard
sinruy to align
sinkay to break cane with the teeth
sipas young woman
sipita type of sagebrush
sipiy to strangle
sip'uy to wrinkle, to pleat
siray to sew
siriy to lie down
sirk'i wart
sirp'a type of grasshopper
sirviy to serve (sp.)
sojta six
sonqo heart
sonqo nanay to feel sad
sonqo pharaqey to beat (the heart)
sonqota wawachikuy to become tender (a person)
sonqoyoj good, affectionate, heartful
soqos cane like bamboo
sonsera stupid, foolish action (sp.)
suchu crippled
suchuna hill, slope
suchuy to scoot, to move over
suk'umpay to cover the head
sullk'a younger
sullu abortion; animal fetus used by jampiris
sulluy to abort
sumaj good
Sumaj Perla Pearl of Great Price
sumpuña musical instrument like panpipes
sunch'u daisy-like flower
Sunch'u place located down river from Betanzos
sunkha beard
sunt'iy to roll over and over
supay devil, demon
supayniyoj possessed
supi flatus, fart
supiy to pass gas making a noise
suruy to run (liquid)
suskhuy to get under something
susunkay to grow numb
susunk'iyaykuy to fall asleep (a part of the body)
suti name
sutichasqa named
sutikuy to be named
sut'i clear, visible
sut'imanta clearly
sut'inchaj prophet
sut'inchay to explain, to make clear, to prophesy
sut'iyay to dawn, to become clear
sut'i sonqo frank, honest
sut'u drop
sut'uy to drip
suwa thief
suway to steal
suyay to wait; hope, expectation
suysuna sieve
suysuy to strain
suyu district, region


takay to hit, to knock on
takiy song; to sing
tanqay to push
tantakuy meeting; to meet, to come together
tantay to collect
tapay to cover, to put a top on (sp.)
tapuy to ask
tarajchi type of bird
tarday to be late, to tarry
tariy to find
tarka musical instrument, also anata
tarpuy to plant, to sow
tarpupay to replant
taruka type of deer
tata father, sir
tata-mama parents
tata kura catholic priest
tataku satan, the devil
tawa four
tawantinsuyu the four regions of the earth
tawatawa long, narrow scone sold on the street
tawnakuy to lean
tawri type of plant and its seed which is eaten
tawqay to stack (adobes)
tejtitijray to turn over; to translate
tikayapuy to coagulate
tinaja big earthen jar
tinkuy to come together, to meet; annual ceremonial fight held at Macha
titi l ead, lead-colored
Titiqaqa Titicaca, literally lead-colored cliffs
tiya aunt (sp.)
tiyakuy to sit; to reside
tiyana chair
Tiyawanaku ancient civilization near Lake Titicaca
tiyo uncle (sp.)
tocay to play an instrument (sp.)
tojnu cane, walking stick
tojtoqeyay to make the sound of a chicken
tomay to drink (sp.)
trabajay to work (sp.)
trabajo hard, difficult; work (sp.)
trago booze (sp.)
trankay to bolt, to lock (sp.)
tratay to argue (sp.)
tratanakuy to argue (sp.)
trato covenant (sp.)
tratochay to make a covenant (sp.)
trigu wheat (sp.)
trigu jak'u wheat flour (sp.)
trupa herd, flock (sp.)
tukuchay to make finish, to make end
tukukuy to finish, to end; to become
tukuy all
tullma woman's woven braid ornament
tullqa son-in-law
tullu bone; skinny
tullu malkachu type of potato
tulluskiri skinny
tumpa a little bit, some; type of fruit
tumpay to blame
tuna type of cactus and its fruit
tunqori throat
tuntiy to be in the sun a long time
tunu paralyzed
tunuyay to become numb, to become paralyzed
tupakuy to bang heads (like rams)
tupu fasteing pin for women's clothing; a measure; marker put on costal
tupuy to measure
turikuy to physically resist
turtay to make a mud roof
turu bull; wooden bowl used to drink muk'u
turu qara plant with rope-like bark
tusuy to dance; dance
tuta night
tutamanta morning
tutayay to become night
tutuma gourd used to carry water
tuytuy to float


t'ajlla palm of the hand
t'ajllay to clap, to slap
t'ajsay to wash clothes; to wash the hair
t'akay to drop, to scatter (like seeds)
t'anta bread
t'aqa division, herd, fold
t'aqasqa separated
t'aqay to separate, to set apart
t'ari dried blood
t'ejway to peel, husk corn
t'eqe plump, full; baby faced
t'eqey to stuff (like a pillow)
t'ika flower
t'ikanchay to decorate, to make beautiful
t'ikay to flower
t'impuy to boil
t'inka gift, bonus given to workers (usually alcohol)
t'inkay to give a gift, to give a bonus
t'inkiy to put together in pairs
t'ipay to fasten clothing with a pin
t'ipiy to pull apart
t'iray to pull out, to uproot
t'iri scar
t'iriy to mend
t'isay to pull wool apart preparing it to be spun into yarn
t'isi dried mucous, snot, booger
t'iyu sand
t'ojlu skull
t'ojpiy to bother, to play where not wanted
t'ojra faded
t'ojsiy to puncture
t'ojyay to explode
t'oqo big hole in the ground
t'oqoy to make a hole in the ground
t'uku lunatic
t'ukuy to meditate, to think deeply; to be astonished
t'ula plant with small fibery flowers
t'ullku tightly spun yarn
T'ullmillki big mountain near Betanzos
t'una small
t'una runa small person
t'una uchu small green pepper
t'unay to crush into small pieces
t'uru mud
t'uruchay to make mud
t'ustiy to step on, to disrupt, to disorganize
t'utura reed plant that grows near shore of lakes


thako pod from the spiny algorrobo tree that has a bitter sweet flavor
thallay to shake off
thalliy to empty a bag or container
thanta old, used
thantay to become old and worn out
thañichiy to make calm, to cause to subside
thañiy to calm, subside
thapa nest
tharmiy to stand on the hind legs and kick with the forelegs (horse)
thaskiy to walk quickly, to take big steps
thasnuy to put out a fire
thaway to scratch off, to remove the surface, to dig
thoqay to spit
thunikuy to fall; to come apart
thuniy to shatter, to destroy
thuta moth
thutuy to mutter, to murmur


uchu chile, hot pepper
uchu uchu red grasshopper
uj one
uj iskay palabra few words
uj jina different
uj jinachay to vary, to be different
ujllay to brood, to cover eggs
ujtawan once again, one more time
ujut'a sandals made from old tires
ujyay to drink
ukhu body; inside
ukhu pacha hell
ulala type of cactus
ullu male member, penis
uma head, top
uma muyuy to be confused; to be dizzy
uma t'ojpisqa crazy
umachakuy to understand
umayoj intelligent
unay a long time
unkhu small poncho
unradu honored, truthful, honest, open (sp.)
untu animal fat
unu water (mixed with something else)
uña baby animal
upa mute, dumb
upiy to snort, to slurp
ura below, under
uray slope, hillside
uraykuchiy to take down
uraykuy to come down, to climb down
urmay to fall
usa louse
usqhay quick, fast
usuri wounded, unfortunate, to be pregnant
ususi daughter
ususu lazy person
usuy to waste
usha lamb
ushpa ash
ushpay to take ash from the fireplace
utiy to be really tired (v.p.)
utupri October (sp.)
uya face
uyariy to listen, to hear
uywa domestic animal
uyway to raise animals; to raise children


wachay to give birth
wach'iy to sting (like a bee)
waj another, other; well!
wajcha orphan; poor
wajra horn
wajta side of the body
wajtan rib
wajtay to hit with an object
wajyay to call
waka cow (sp.)
waka punku big butt, literally cow gate
waka waka type of beetle
wakachu podded fruit of the churki tree
wakataya type of plant
wakichiy to prepare
wakin some
wakhiyay to throw out
walej fine, good, alright, ok
walthay to wrap up a baby
wallawak'u armpit
wallpa chicken
wamay to gather grain from the ground with the hands
wampu fool
wanaku animal like the alpaqa
wanchiy to kill
wanka type of thorn
wantuy to carry with two people
wanu fertilizer
wañuchiy to kill
wañupuy to die
wañusqa dead
wañuy death; to die
wapu strong, brave, macho
waqachiy to make cry
waqay tear; crying; to cry
waqaychay to save, to guard
waqey to distribute
warak'a sling
waranqa thousand; peso
warkhuy to hang
warmi woman
warmiyoj married man
wasa back, behind
wasa tullu vertebral column
wasanchay to turn the back on someone
wasaykuy to go up and over
wasi house, building
wasichay to build a house
wasiyoj house owner
waska rope; spanking
wasu grossness, rudeness
wata year
watasqa tied up
watay to tie up
wataray to untie
watejmanta once more, again
wateqay to spy
watiy to pound, to beat, to stir
watu thin cord
watukuy to ask about, to visit
wat'aqeyay to kick about, to wriggle
wathiya food baked in a pit in the field during havest
wawa baby, child
wawallikuy to be pregnant
wawallichiy to impregnate
wawani parent of an illegitimate child
wawayoj parent
wawqe brother, also hermano
wayakan type of tree
wayaqa small woven sack, bag
wayk'u cooked
wayk'uy to cook
waylla mut'iya type of plant
wayllay to make a straw roof
waymiy to go around, to revolve
wayna young man
wayq'o small canyon, crevice
wayra wind; air
wayra jayt'a poor soccer player, literally air kicker
wayray to blow (wind)
wayronq'o bumblebee
wayronq'o misk'i bee's honey
wayruru black widow spider; type of red and black seed
wayt'ay to wallow in the mud
wen dÍa good morning, how are you? (sp.)
wichariy to climb
wichay ascent, incline
wich'i wide mouthed container
wich'una instrument used to tighten the weave, usually a llama bone
wijch'uy to throw out
wijsa stomach, womb
wijsallikuy to be pregnant
wijsayoj pregnant
wiltamanta again (sp.)
willay message; to tell, to advise
wiña age
wiñay always, forever, eternity; to grow
wiñay trato everlasting covenant
wiñaypaj forever
wira fat, grease
wira malkachu type of potato
Wiraqocha great white god of the Incas; gentleman; white person
wiraqoche wiraqocha
wirkhi type of container
wiru green corn stalk that is eaten
wisiy to take water out of its container
wisq'asqa closed
wisq'ay to close
wist'u crooked, twisted
wit'uy to amputate, to cut off


yachachej teacher
yachachiy principle, teaching; to teach
Doctrine and Covenants
yachakuy to learn; to become accustomed to
yachay knowledge, wisdom; to know
yachayniyoj wise
Yachayniyoj Palabra Word of Wisdom
yaku water
yaku phajchay waterfall
yana black
yana imilla type of potato
yananchakuy to drink the 2d glass of alcohol; to come together in marriage
yanapaj helper
yanapay to help
yanayay to become black
yapa addition, increase
yapay to increase, to augment
yarqhay hunger, to be hungry
yastá ok (sp.)
yaw hey!
yawar blood
yawri big needle
yaykuy to enter
yoqalla boy; town where the Puente del Diablo is located
yuka plant with edible root
yumay to procreate, to reproduce
yunka jungle
yunta two bulls or oxen (sp.)
yunta watay hora approximately 8:00 a.m.
yunta wataray hora approximately 4:00 p.m.
yupay to count
yupaychay to honor, to worship
yuraj white
yuraj sara white corn
yuru type of container
yuthu partridge
yuyariy to remember
yuyay thought, memory; to think, to remember
yuyaychaj counselor

Quechua Affixes

Quechua Affix Orders

-chis (chej)  
-j jina  
-lla -pis  
-lla -taj  
-man jina  
-manta pacha  
-na -kama  
-na -paj  
-na -taqa  
-nchis (nchej)  
-sqa -tawan  
-taj -ri  
-ykichis (ykichej)  

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