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The Official 355th Fighter Wing / Davis-Monthan AFB Page
"UnOfficial" 355th Tactical Fighter Wing Home Page
Aircraft of the 355th
355th MIA/KIA Honor Roll (All Eras)
355th History - Fighter Group to Fighter Wing
My Photo Gallery
Air Force Photo's
Photo's from the Troops
Someone is looking for you
355th Reunion Page (All Eras)
1998 - 355th TFW - Dayton OH Reunion
2000 - 355th TFW - Grissom Mini Reunion
2001 - 355th TFW - Tucson AZ Reunion
2003 - 355th TFW - Dayton OH Reunion
2004 - 355th TFW - "Joint" 355th FG / TFW Reunion
2005 - 355th TFW - Destin FL Reunion
355th Roster (All Eras)
355th Patch Page
355th TFW Web Site Awards Page

355th Fighter Group (WWII) Links

The 355th Fighter Group (WWII) Page
355th FG "Little Friends" Page

Sites of Special Interest

USS Dempsey DE-26 - My Brother's Page
UnOfficial 325th Fighter Group Page - My Page
Official 325th Fighter Group Page - Checkertail Clan
Drag Racing over the years
UnOfficial USS Stump / DD978 Page

Links to other Air Force related sites on the Web

Thud Ridge Web
The TLC Brotherhood
G.I. Basel's "PAK SIX" Home Page
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Home Page
12th Air Force Association Home Page
Robert King's Wild Weasel Page
The Weaponz Net Page
The Weaponz Net is for all of us BB Stackers, Bomb Loaders & Gun Plumbers
Freitag's Korat RTAFB Page
List of preserved Century Series aircraft
Texas Tech University's Vietnam Archives Page
Air Power Over Vietnam Page
The Maxwell AFB / Air Universtiy Page

Max Loffgren's 1955 Chevrolet POW/MIA Race Car Page

2 Excellent Takhli Web Pages

If you were there, you have to check these sites out! Two excellent web sites dedicated to Takhli RTAFB Thailand. These sites are full of pictures, stories and information on Takhli. There is even a roster of those who have gotten back together after all these years.

Dick William's Takhli RTAFB Page
Bob Vaughn's Takhli RTAFB Page

The Moving Wall Page

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