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Amami Yuki Picture Gallery
Amami Yuki Picture Gallery
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Amami Yuki Picture Gallery

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Amami Yuki Models : This is the profile of Amami Yuki.

Amami Yuki Picture Gallery

Nick Name (Alias) : Amami Yuki
First Name : Nakano
Last Name : Yuri
Birth location : Taito, Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth : August 8, 1967
Ethnicity : Japanese
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Black
Blood type : O
Education : Major in Art
Height : 172 c.m.
Weight : 52 Kilograms
Most Favorite Actor / Actress : Katharine McPhee
Most Favorite Food : All the food like it....
Profession : Good Japanese Actress
Hobbies, Interests & more :
My Sports / Fitness Activities: No Sports
My Hobbies: Photography, Fishing, Acting, Graphology
My Favorite Music: Qawalis, Soft rock
My Favorite Movies: not a movie buff

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