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The Teeming Morons


Lincoln's first punk band

They didn't dress like punks. They didn't look like punks. They didn't make any records and they didn't last very long (1976 to 1977). And, unlike many of those early punk bands they could actually play their instruments! But they played punk music, had energy and stage presence and brought punk rock to the city of Lincoln (UK). They were The Teeming Morons.


  • David Burghardt ("Burgy"): bass
  • Andrew Butler ("Butty"): guitar
  • Andy Copping ("Coppo"): vocals
  • Nigel Dymond ("Dimps"): drums
  • Martin McCarthy ("Mac"): guitar

The five band members were assisted by Peter Clare ("Ped") who provided technical support, did the mixing and PA, and helped with management and transport. A sort of sixth Moron, if you will.

Rock family tree

The Teeming Morons were formed by a coming together of Nigel and David, the rhythm section of the Healey-Burghardt Band, and two guitarists: Andrew and Martin. All were influenced by the burgeoning punk rock scene as typified by the Sex Pistols, The Stranglers and The Damned. The four initial band members were missing one thing: a lead vocalist. After holding some auditions they selected Andy who combined gutsy vocals with the showmanship required of someone who stands at the front of the stage.

After the band's brief existence came to an end, Andrew joined local band Pheonix as lead guitarist. Nigel moved out from behind his drumkit and took up lead vocals as the eponymous Ted in the Boston (UK) band Ted Vomit & The Mucoids.


The band mostly played punk covers of classic rock tracks such as "Wishing Well", "Get Back" and "Bye Bye Johnny". But they were at their best when playing their own material. There are two stand-out compositions from that brief period that the band were together: "Beserk" and "Running and a Runnin'".

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