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The mission of PBCCG, Inc is to encourage all citizens to educate themselves and become involved in all matters pertaining to their quality of life.

Current Issues

  • CAFOs in Peach Bottom Township:
  • We are currently fighting against the introduction of a large pig CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) to our community.

    Peach Bottom Township Zoning & Hearing Board Final Decision

    Check out a short film done by some of the local youth concerning this issue: PBCCG Pennsylvania DEP Revealed! The young people in our community did a satirical video about the 16 month struggle against a factory farm going into our community. Through this struggle much was learned about regulatory changes that must be made in order to truely protect a community. They presented this to us, and we are very proud of our young people for getting involved and letting their voices be heard.

    DEP CAFO Inspections--Hard to Find

    Feeding Farm Regulations & Effects on Local Family

    The zoning ordinance which protected our community in the final decision was brought up for revision on April 6th 2009 at Peach Bottom Township Board of Supervisors meeting. The community and many local groups came out and stood together to preserve our prime farmlands. With one abstention from David Stewart, the chairman of the Board, and a 2 to nothing vote by John Johnson and Joe Ailes to uphold our existing ordinance, this ordinance that protects the prime farmland remained in place.

    Peach Bottom Board: Still No on CAFO: While Cheered By Advocates, the Township Supervisors' Vote Could Lead to a Lawsuit

    **NEW VIDEO POSTED: Rainwater runoff coming from a local farm. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; check out these images that are sure to help you understand the realness of this situation. *WARNING: Some of these images may not be suitable for everyone. IMAGES/VIDEOS

    UPDATE: Some rumor had been going around and recently DEP has confirmed that 20,000 chickens died at the farm on Miller Rd in June; they are contracted by Tyson Food. These chickens were composted on site.


    County planners disapprove of Peach Bottom proposal (an article from the York Daily Record)

    Proposed changes to zoning rules would make it easier to build CAFOs near homes.

    The York County Planning Commission is not supporting zoning law changes proposed by Peach Bottom Township, some of which would lift controls over factory farms called concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. The nine-member board voted unanimously tonight against the proposal after tabling a vote Nov. 5 to receive more information from the state attorney general's office. Peach Bottom Township supervisors are not required to follow the commission's recommendation when it makes a final decision. Under the proposed amendments, CAFOs could be built in residential neighborhoods without the granting of a special exception from the township. The special exception is "the only thing that's protecting us to some degree," township resident Maria Payan said. A planning commission staff report concluded that CAFOs are not compatible with residential areas and should be not be considered a permitted use. The changes were proposed when the state attorney general's office pushed the township to alter its zoning ordinance to comply with the state's Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment legislation, or Act 38, passed in 2005. Act 38 gives the attorney general the authority to overrule local ordinances governing farming practices. It was designed to protect farms and impose tighter environmental regulations. Some township residents argue that the changes will weaken the township's control over massive farming operations, such as a controversial commercial hog farm proposed in the 400 block of Gemmill Road. David Gemmill and his family are trying to expand their hog farm from 400 hogs to 4,400 -- a venture that would make it a CAFO. The application for the expansion was denied by the township's zoning hearing board in May on the basis that the property's soil was too valuable to be used for the project. The decision is being appealed in court.

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