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July 5, 2001
OK everybody.  I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is, I got the GameBoy Advance (it rocks with it's 32 BIT Processer, shoulder buttons, 4-way linking, etc.).  The bad news is that I have decided to end my updating of this huge site.  I've had a lot of fun creating this area on the web, but now Pokemon is getting old and I think many of us are out of the fad that has been around for 6 years.  I hope you had fun on this website and I thank all of you who visited this webpage and gave me more hits.  For all you visitors who still are Pokemon fans, my site will still be on the internet, but no longer updated.  I'd like to tell all my fans that you should have faith, be the best you can be, and never give up (with the occasional "I'm out of it thing").  Please do not bother sending any messages about awards, networks, etc. for my [email protected] e-mail will no longer be checked.  Before I finish, I'd like to say thanks to a couple of people.  My friend, Zac, for telling me about the internet, my friend Sean for getting me into Pokemon, my affiliates for accepting me on their sites, all the big Pokesites that gave me all the stuff I have on this site, and last, but not least, my fans.  Thank you.


The End

May 21, 2001
Boy, time sure flys!  It's been 3 months since I last updated. Anyway, I got 2 affiliate buttons which I changed and changed the layout of my web page. E-mail me at [email protected] to tell me what you think of it.

Feb 25, 2001
Been a long time since I updated! Well, I've decided to take off the option which says if I'm online and I'm not doing the mailing list anymore. I just don't have the time. There will be one last E-mail sent to all the subscribers. Hope your all having a good weekend.
PS. I need people to E-mail me free host and domain urls.

Jan 26, 2001
Hi again! I didn't find much but I did delete stuff so now I have more room for other files. I'm also asking all of you that if you know a place that hosts or gives domains for free, please E-mail me at [email protected]. That means no money has to be paid for anything.

Jan 21, 2001
Boy, I'm runnin out of room! I got another affiliate! Their site is a
Pokecool UK. I also added a sign which tells you if I'm online. Well, that's all and I hope to hear from you!

Jan 5, 2001
Hello everyone! Me again! Yesterday, I forgot to tell you that I got Pokemon Pikachu 2. It has a clock, mini game, and more! You shake it to get watts which you give to Pikachu as a present. Anyway, not much else is happening except I did change the text colour on this page and joined a network. Mine!

Jan 4, 2001
Finally! Another update! Well, Christmas went by and I wasn't able to make the Christmas page, but I did get a lot of stuff for Christmas. I got the Mega Memory Card for Gameboy, Gameshark, and lot's more. It came with a CD Rom for computer which lets you download codes of the internet. It also came with an advertisement for a cartridge called Shark MX. It's a rom with a phone cable at the top of it which you stick in any phone outlet. It allows you to get E-mail on your Gameboy. Awesome! It comes a dial-up connection and many more features! You get an E-mail address such as "[email protected]". Anyway, I joined a topsite, but that is all. Please vote and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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