Pan-Athens' Stupid Geocities Page


Hello there! A lot of this stuff is still a work in progress and I'll be changing things as time goes on, so please forgive the absolute dumpster fire that is this site.

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Howdy! This is Pan-Athens' current website!

I decided that having a carrd was too stupid and I wasn't sure what else I wanted to use as a "portfolio"/website, and I had already registered a geocities page and considered maybe using it to show off my art, so I decided to just say "fuck it" and use this as my website. Puts this thing to good use AND forces me to learn more HTML, two birds with one stone.

Me having a small following and just being some random teenage chump makes it seem egotistical for me to have a website like this, but most of the stuff I do is just me emulating what I've seen other people do, so like, lul

Plus it's nice to have something like this to keep things organized and on a neat little easily-accessible site (but not easy to edit god I hate this, this is why I've put off editing the site so much)

Anyways, feel free to explore to either learn about me and my work or to see what kind of dumb shit I have on here.

(i might add an "announcements/news" section here after the introduction and blurb, or I might add a little blog thing, who knows)