Edward Bretherton is the earliest ancestor that I know of in this line.  He was a solicitor and lawyer.  His father was Lord Bretherton.  Edward married Alice CHIPPENDALE and they had eleven children.  The youngest child was Bernard Joseph, born in 1861.  Edward was 49 when Bernard  was born and Alice was 42.  We know the names of five of the other children: Charles E. was 21 years older than Bernard, Arthur L. was 16 years older than Bernard, Walter Welles was 9 years older than Bernard, Oswald was 7 years older than Bernard, and Cyril L. was 5 years older than Bernard.  They kept four servents in 1861 when all the children were still living at home.
Bernard Joseph Bretherton was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England on January 26, 1861.  He was youngest of Edward and Alice Bretherton's eleven children.  He attended private Catholic schools, finishing at Ushaw college, near Durham, England.  During his life he listed his occupation as Naturalist, taxidermist, and zoological collector.  Bernard emigrated to the United States about 1885 and lived in Portland, Oregon, with the family of his older brother Walter Welles Bretherton from 1885 until about 1888.  He was first employed in 1885 as a baggageman for the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.  In 1886 and 1887 he was a Baggage Agent and in 1888-1889 he was a Tax and Claim Agent for the same railroad.  In 1888 Bernard first advertised himself at a Taxidermist under the name Bern J. Bretherton.  He became the curator of the Oregon Alpine Club and a "collector and preparator of zoological specimens" for museums and taxidermists.  After he gained US citizenship on January 24, 1891, he went to Alaska to collect specimens of the flora, fauna, and fishes for the British Museum, the Smithsonian Institution (sic), and the US Department of Agriculture (most likely their Division of Ornithology and Mammalogy).  He was in Alaska for about three years.  He married Mabel Edna Hatch in Sitka, Alaska, on April 30, 1892.  Two daughters and a son were born to this marriage.  Bernard returned to Oregon with his family in 1894.  During the summer that year he led an expedition into the Olympic Mountains to collect mammals and map their geographic distribution for the US Department of Agriculture.  Later he gathered specimens of birds in Oregon for the State Agricultural College.  He resided at Newport, Oregon, in the mid-1890s, and during this period was commissioned by the British Museum to collect the fishes of Oregon and investigate their habits.  This project lasted approximately two years.  About the turn of the century, he served as assistant keeper at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse at Newport, then as keeper at the Coquille River Lighthouse at Bandon, Oregon.  After succumbing to the ravages of tuberculosis he died on February 10, 1903 at Coquille River Lighthouse, Bandon, Oregon.  He is buried in the parish cemetery at Bandon.  [All the above information came from a biographical outline in a book about Captain O'Niel's explorations of the Pacific Northwest called Men, Mules, and Mountains.
Dennis Edward Bretherton was born in 1941.  He is the son of Edward "Jupe" Bretherton and Helen Brass.  He married Patricia Howard of Cullman, Alabama.  Children of Dennis and Patricia are: David Edward, Peter Howard, and Paul Ryan.
Edward R. Bretherton was born in 1894 at Kodiak, AK and died in 1972.  He married Lottie Florence Hamilton.  Edward and Lottie had a son, Edward "Jupe" Bretherton.
Edward "Jupe" Bretherton was born in 1916 in Portland, Oregon and died in 1987 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He married Helen Brass.  Children of Jupe and Helen are Dennis Edward Bretherton and William Lyman Bretherton.
William Lyman Bretherton was born October 23, 1944. 
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