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Anatomy of Home Theater
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How many watts for Home Theater?
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This calculator will compute the predicted maximum sound pressure level (loudness) at the listening position.
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Is 100w x5/x6 really 100w x5/x6?
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Calibration Techniques
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Dolby Labs DD-EX REF Calibration Results
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Dolby's Typical 5.1-CH Room Layout vs. HT Room Layout
"The Misunderstood 0.1 LFE Channel in 5.1 Digital Surround Sound" - April, 2000
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LFE / SUB SPL setting, 75 dB or 85 dB?
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Should you Calibrate Dolby Pro Logic?
"The Misunderstood
0.1 LFE Channel . . ."
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Should you watch every DVD @ REF level?
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Front Speakers - To toe-in or not?
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Why Direct Radiating for DD-5.1 Surrounds?
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Why ‘dipoles' are not recommended for DD-5.1?
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Speaker Wire - A History
Speaker Wire - A History
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