Anaisa Pyé

There is no doubt that the most famous and in most cases the most beloved Loa of The 21 Divisions is Anaisa Pyé (Saint Anne). Her feast day is on the 26th of July. Her colors are yellows and bright golds. Since she is the wife of Belié Belcan, in all altars of Dominican Vodou one would find the image of Saint Anne next to that of Saint Michael, The Archangel. Alegations have been made that Anaisa and Belie are not married but rather "work" together. Since I could remember everywhere one goes that deals with the 21 Divisions Anaisa is understood to be "la mujer del Viejo" (the old man's lady).

Anaisa Pyé is a very flirtatious and feminine Metrésa. To the Dominicans she is the Queen of Love! When she takes possession of a horse she normally arrives with laughter and roughtyness. Anaisa brings with her pressance laghter and joy amoungst those present. Often time she'd ask for a round of beer to be distributed amougnst those present and all toast with her. She lifts her glass up and all drink for prosperity and merry-making.

Anaisa is a very "out there" Lwa. When she arrives, she puts on her fula (kerchif) yellow or bright gold. She puts on her blouse or she'll tie on another fula across her chest. To finish off her wardrobe she puts on her yellow or shiny skirt. Normally these skirts are up to the ankles of the horse with a slash up to the knee. However the skirt could be shorter, seeing as how sometimes she would put on a long skirt and roll it up to turn it into a mini skirt. After dressing herself she would make herself up. She puts on her lipstick (usually red) by closing her eyes and gazing into the palm of her left hand. This is her mirror with which she sees all, alive and otherwise. She then begins to put on her jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and anklets if the horses have them for her.

After dressing herself, she asks for her perfume. She perfumes herself from head to toe and then back up. Afterwards she asks for her cervesé (beer) (to which a few drops of Florida Water and perfume have been added, and her cigarigisté (cigarettes). After all this, she is then ready to greet everyone and consult. She ususally does as she pleases disregarding the reaction of others to her own actions. This also includes how her horse might feel about what she does while in their head. Anaisa is a very cheerful, joyus and caring Loa. She is very quick to offer advice and make you feel as though you were talking to your best freind and keeping it reall.

Anaisa Pyé is also a cheerful and flirtatious Metrésa! She loves to dance, laugh, drink and smoke. She loves to do ALL! Her parties are very pretty and full of flowers and a very attractive altar. While she is this loving-caring mother figgure she also has her petró "point".

Many people have Anaisa figgured all wrong. She is made out to seem as this lewd lacivious person. Some go as far as to say that she was a prostitute in reall life. This is something I myself do not know for a fact therefore wont comment on it. However, it is very sad to know that so often Anaisa is disrespected and disregarded as the imortant Metresa that she is because of her nature.

Anaisa Pyè is a very jelous Metresa. She gets extremely jelous over her children and those that serve her with fervor and thusly are under her care and protection. Her jelousy could go as far as literally removing a person from one's life is she feels that person either took time away from her or isn't right for her caballo and/or child. She also gets jelous is she sees other Metresas are being served better than she is. To her there is only her and no need for the other Metresas of the Division.

People often fake possesions of Anaisa to take advantage and either feel up on men, or to steal the spot light. This is one thing Anaisa is very well known for. No matter which Loa a party may be for Anaisa will often turn it in to her own. She loves to be the center of attention. Because she is all fun and games people do not think she is capable of being serious; that is a sad mistake. Anaisa is very atentive and detail-oriented. While she's laghing and drinking with you she is examining you body and mind.

Metres Anaisa Pye is also very whitty and funny. One has to be careful of this humour, though. One may think she is complimenting a person when in reality she is mocking them and no one will realize it untill later.

Anaisa is known to have "7 Vueltas" meaning she has & different ways of manifesting. The ones known to me are: Anaisa Pyè, Ana Mambo (also called Anaisa La Grande and Anaiso) Anaisa La Chiquita (this is her as a child, thusly part of the Marassas), Anacaona (this her in her Indian point), Cachita and Anaisa Oko who is also called "Anaisa La Gaga". Many say this is her Petro point wherein she is identified with Santa Barbara Africana (beter known as Ezili Dantho) In Dominican Vodou Anaisa is used for love spells and for the happiness of the home. She is seen as the matron of house wives.

Anaisa and Loubana are known to be "comadres" and often work together in spells aimed at domininating men or conquering a love. Anaisa and Metresili, however, do not have the best of sentiments towards eachother. They are both constantly talking badly about eachother (the few times that Metresili cares to engage in such afairs). For Metreseili Anaisa is too promiscuous, roughty and could only "lead us down the road of perdition" i'm actually quoting Metresili there). For Anaisa Metresili is just a prude and too stuck up. She mocks her mysticism, and way of arriving in possetion (which is wailing and crying). Some people also say Metresili dosn't like Anaisa because Anaisa tries to flirt with her husband (Ogoun Balendjo) all the time.

Even though she maybe as outgoing and loud as she often is, Anaisa knows to quiet down and show respect from when one of the male Lwas arive to a party. If it's Belie she'll fold her hands in prayer form as though to give the idea that she is imaculate. Meanwhile she waits for any given moment when Belie is not looking or paying attention to sneak peeks at men, dance and flirt a little. If it's Candelo she instantly shuts up and normally sits down. Candelo is Anaisa's "compadre" but she hold very high regard for him. One male Lwa Anaisa often querrels with is Ghuede. She dose not like him because he is "dirty and dosen't bathe"; he dislikes her because she throughs beer at him and wets him. It's very odd that these two Lwas have such a love-hate relationship when they have such similar characteristics. Even thought they sometimes go at it Ghuede recognizes Anaisa to be his "madrina" (God mother) and does show some sort of respect.

One service one may do for Anaisa is to offer her a glass of beer and add a few drops of perfume (woman's perfume. If you're a woman anyone of personal use if fine), a cigarette which you may light and blow smoke around her service and her (if you have the image of Saint Anne) and then place it on top of the beer glass. A yellow candle and some flowers. This is a very simple service yet just enough to keep her happy.

Here's a service one may do for love using Anaisa Pyè. This is a "lampara" (an oil lamp) made to Anaisa asking her to sweeten the dispotion of the desired person. You'll need a big thick-glass cup, a picture of the person, their name written seven times and yours written seven times over it. The following oils: mint, coconut, come to me, magnet, love, amber, and patchuli. Beer, perfume of personal use, 7 sticks of cinammon, 21 sweet cloves, hunney and brown sugar gold glitter. Place the picture with and the name inside the glass, pour the beer first then the rest of the ingredents. This should fill the cup half way. The other half is to be filled with cooking oil (corn oil works best) and then place the floting wick (these can be bought at any Botanica. They are called Mechitas A La Milagrosa; there comes a triangular tin base the tips of wich have a piece of cork to help it float and there's a hole in the middle of the tin triangle. You place the wick inside the hole and place that ontop of the oil and light it). Then sprinkle some glitter over it and light it to Anaisa asking her for the "seven scences" of the disired person. This is offered for seven days and then discarded.


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