Religious Vocation

The contemplative life is to be found in the very heart of the Church, the Heart of the Body of Christ which has been ordained for redeeming mankind and giving perfect glory to God (Const. Art. 160).

Our contemplative life is our first and fundamental apostolate... and carry out the mission of the Church.

In Constant Prayer

Prayer is the heart of the Poor Clare Gospel way of life.

  • Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

  • Liturgy of the Hours

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Personal Prayer / Meditation

  • Midnight Prayer

In Willing Penance

As a sign that the Order shares in the mystery of the Passion of Christ and as a means of helping the members of the Body of Christ who suffer hunger, poverty, pain, and hardship, the community fasts and practice other forms of self-discipline (Const. Art. 86.2).

It is through penance that we are stimulated to a greater generosity in prayer.

In Solitude And Silence

The search for intimacy with God involves the truly vital need of a silence embracing the whole being (Const. Art. 81.1).

To drive every noise away from the dwelling place of the mind so they might be able to cling to the depths of God alone (LegCl 36).

It is in the interior solitude that contemplative prayer flourishes, much like the barren desolations which Scripture tells us have become “verdant pastures” when God visited them.

It is here, where speech ceases, that song begins. (St. Thomas A.)


The sisters to whom the Lord has given the grace of working work faithfully and devotedly... they do this in such a way that, while they banish idleness, they do not extinguish the spirit of holy prayer and devotion. (RICI VII)


We should always live as sisters, always being ready in a spirit of love... to show ourselves always happy in the Lord. (Const. Art. 92.1)


Rely on Divine Providence... to live always in the most holy life and in povery... that is to say, not to receive or hold onto any possessions or property or even anything that might reasonably called property.

... to strive always to imitate the way of holy simplicity, humility and poverty.

How To Become A Poor Clare?
  • Must be aware of God’s call with the desire to dedicate oneself to God in the service of the Church by living the Gospel Life in poverty, community, prayer, penance and enclosure.

  • Must be between 25 to 35 years old (with exceptions and considerations)

  • With adequate physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.


The Vocation Directress
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