Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Only the BEST Freebies Website! Thanks to all those who still visited my site in my absence!

My mission statement remains the same:

"If you've got a mailbox, there are freebies out there for you! So what am I doing? Creating a Freebie Utopia for the World!"

This site is undergoing major reconstruction, as I am now a true webmaster, and this isn't just a hobby anymore.

Thanks to all my sponsors, please visit them, as I will attempt not to scam you on this website, my only traffic is by word and by sponsors. Thanks so much for your patronage!

If you were one of my old sponsors, please recontact me to exchange links. Many sites have taken me off, but all the old deals are back in order if you want them. I really would like to revive this site, so don't hesitate. If you just found my site, click on Link Exchange for the form and instructions.

The Message Board is the new and improved way to share freebies on my site! Eventually I may restart a newsletter.


This site was last updated on February 23rd, 2003

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