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What is postmodernity? Certainly not anything that comes after modernity, as though one could actually get rid of modernity, go beyond modernity, despite all contemporary criticisms of modernity, in spite of all self-overcomings, radical interpretations, displacements, deconstruction and the like... But something in this very attitude of coming to realize such an impossibility and acquiescing to its superficiality, its simulacra and effects of self-deception –in a nutshell, coming to accept modern nihilism in its fullness and without guilt. Perhaps, in this sense, one might think of the postmodern as our very condition (la condition postmoderne) of coping with the exhaustion of all valuations, transvaluations and effects of deconstruction vis à vis our modern birth certificate and recurrent obituaries. The death of God turns out to be a macabre mise en scène of endless plays of new heavens and new worlds, as our apocalyptical fin de partie, like Beckett’s Godot, never comes and remains to come (à venir).

Nietzsche, even more than Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Foucault, and Derrida, was the one who first made explicit the impossible completion of modernity in existential and postmodern terms: such is the predicament of our, human, all too human destination.

It was in this sense that Foucault resisted the facile blackmail of opposing postmodernity to the modern, as the former remains at the limits of the latter. It is very interesting to wonder whether anyone may actually think of postmodernism without modernism, esp. in the arts and architecture. Just compare the architecture styles of modernist Oscar Niemeyer and postmodernist William Pereira. Even though we can easily point to opposing features (notably the lack of symmetry, identity and unity of a totalizing conception), the very interplay of opposites seems to betray a return of a modern, binary logic of overcoming, say, to create the novel or to innovate.

If you wanna see something surprisingly POMO you gotta see the Toledo Museum of Art.

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Nythamar de Oliveira, On the Genealogy of Modernity: Foucault's Social Philosophy. Huntington, NY: Nova Science, 2003

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