Waiting for Dawn
If you've found your way here it's probably for my 'Smallville' fanfiction.

I'm a 23 year old filmmaker and writer living in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  I maintain a full time job in administration (50+ hours) and have found a wonderful man.

I practice yoga and Buddhism, love zombies and spending hours entranced in that rare and exotic pleasure: a damn fine book.

I have gone by the following pennames:
Sadie Franklin "Nymph Du Pave" (fanfiction & original)
Vandaline Z Terrice (fanfiction & original)
Maurice L'Pierce (of the raunchy Dick DuMoore detective series)
R.D. Lisle/ R.D. Turano (original)
Rebecca Marie (original romance & erotica)
There is no way to enlightenment. 
Enlightenment is the way.
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Rebecca M Deaton
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(some of the works; unfinished)
(some of the works; unfinished)
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