Nymph Du Pave's Smallville Fanfiction

Character Pieces
Farily short, one time pieces that revolve around the thoughts, actions, or changes of one character in particular.

CLex [Clark Kent/Lex Luthor]
CLana and ChLana [Clark Kent/Lana Lang] and [Chloe Sullivan/Lana Lang]

Answers to challenges that either people have emailed me personally [like Control] or ones that I have responded to [like Precious Pain].

Crayola Challenge
My answers to the Crayola Challenge at

Series and Miscellaneous
Either a bunch of unrelated fics [like For Keanu and Lex and the Lamborghini] or the continuous story kind [like Thank You to The Nearness of You and Poetry in Motion to Flight to Neverland - The Continuing Saga].  Difficult to label fics [like Mansion on the Hill: A Shipper's Alternate Ending to 'Cool'] go under Miscellaneous.

Challenge Site


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