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The National Society of Arts and Letters

Washington Chapter


Small SCULPTURE 2001


$4,000 AWARD

Washington winner will also compete May 17-19, 2001

for $10,000 National Award


Contestant must be U.S. citizen, age 18 through 29 as of May 18, 2001. A legal document verifying birth date must be supplied; a photocopy of a birth certificate or passport is acceptable. Contestant must be a resident of, or student in, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, or South Carolina. Contestant must submit signed entry form and agree in writing to abide by decision of the judges and all rules and regulations of the National Society of Arts and Letters.


Each contestant may enter up to three (3) pieces for consideration. Works must be original, not done under supervision, created within the past three years, and available for exhibition if selected in preliminary judging. Each sculpture must conform to the following shipping requirements, including shipping materials: (1) The sum of the girth (twice the width plus twice the depth, or circumference) plus the length must not exceed 165 inches. (2) The longest length must not exceed 119 inches. Recommended: shipping FedEx with foam container (suggested by FedEx) . Total weight must not exceed 150 pounds. Sculpture materials may be: wood, metal, plaster, plastic, glass, ceramic, stone, cement, cork, or any combination which will withstand packaging and shipping. No assembly is permitted. Entry may be wall-hung, provided it adheres to size limitations. Any hanging device must be incorporated into the piece. A processing fee of $15.00 must be included with entry form and slides, with check made payable to NSAL-Washington Chapter. Winner of competition must agree to attend the Washington Chapter's awards program, Tuesday, May 1, 2001, at which time the $4,000 award will be presented. Submission of processing fee constitutes agreement to conditions stated in this announcement.


Time and Place. Pieces selected for final judging will be placed on exhibit at Watkins Gallery, American University, Washington, D.C. March 11 to March 16, 2001. Initial Judging. Slides will be reviewed by judges to select entries for final judging. Slides. Initial submissions will be by slides (maximum of six per contestant). Slides must be 35-mm, color, labeled with title, artist's name, art dimensions, and medium or media, with top of slide indicated. Cardboard or thin plastic mounts only should be used. Slide information must conform with entry form data. NOTE: Jurors reserve right to refuse any sculpture which does not resemble respective slide(s). Include stamped, addressed envelope for slide returns. Slides must accompany Application Form, photocopies of birth certificate or passport, and processing fee, and must be postmarked no later than midnight February 1stFinal Judging. Applicants whose works have been selected for final judging will be notified and be responsible for having their actual sculptures shipped or delivered in person so as to arrive not later than 12:00 noon March 9, 2001. Final judging will be completed before the opening (March 11, 2:00p.m.). Works will be jurored by individuals not associated with NSAL, who are sculptors, art professors, art critics, or gallery owners. National Competition. The winner of the Washington Chapter competition will compete in the National Society of Arts and Letters National small Sculpture 2001 Competition ($10,000 Award) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 17 through May 19, 2001.


Cost of shipping to NSAL-Washington Chapter is responsibility of contestant. The Chapter will pay return shipping for unsold works and for shipping cost for First Place sculpture to and from the National Competition in Pittsburgh. Competition winner must provide insurance to the National Competition site; NSAL insures the work at the site and for its return. (Maximum insurance: $500.00). Works may be made available for sale; value should be indicated on entry form for insurance purposes. If applicable, NFS should be indicated.


NSAL, Washington Chapter Telephone: 202/333-1288

Small Sculpture Competition E-mail: [email protected]

4450 Dexter Street NW Extra copies of this Announcement/Application Form may be

Washington, DC 2007-1113 found at


Washington Chapter


Small Sculpture 2001
Competition Application


Please print in black ink or type.

Name_______________________________________ Telephone ________________________


Current Address: Street, Apt. No._________________________________________________


Date of Birth________ Age_____ U.S. Citizen (yes)(no) If naturalized, give date__________

Address where you can always be reached:


Street, Apt. No._______________________________City__________State_______Zip_____

Formal Education and/or Training (if any):

InstitutionsLocationsDates AttendedDegrees

I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the competition. I verify that all information I have provided in this form is true and complete. If I should be a finalist, I will provide a photograph of myself and give permission for use of the photograph for publicity purposes and my Social Security Number (all monetary awards are taxable).

Signature_____________________________________ Date________________

Enclosures: slide(s) of piece(s) being submitted

stamped, addressed envelope for return of slides

copy of document verifying date of birth

application fee of $15.00

for each piece submitted, provide this information:

(a) title (b) value (for insurance purposes; total value of pieces submitted not to exceed $500)

Completed Application and Enclosures should be sent, postmarked by midnight, February 1st, 2001, to:

NSAL, Washington Chapter

Small Sculpture 2001 Competition

4450 Dexter Street NW

Washington, DC 20007-1113

Recommendation: to ensure timely delivery, send Application and Enclosures via Overnight or Certified Mail.1

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