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I have been fascinated with Magical Hexagons for a few years now, and I'd like to share with you what I've developed.
For now, you will find information on what a magic hex { or more formally, a magic hexagon } is, an explanation of
what I mean when I refer to a Magical Hexagon, and why they are different. I am currently attempting to find the time to import the contents of a
book I've written onto this site, a book which Martin Gardner
has recieved and responded that it contains "Path Breaking results in magic polygons"

*I recently came across Torsten Sillke's Excellent site, and found its Magcal Hexagon page agreed with many of my own developments.
However, you might notice his count of 26 "AddsTo 0" 3 ring mHexes are actually Negative Reflections of others already listed.
Discarding half of those Negative reflections, the count actually becomes 19.
You can View the following text file to see which are negative reflections of each other.
Which are Negative Reflections? -Lou


What are Magic Meshes?

to be continued...

- Louis Hoelbling
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