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Malignant Tumuor Interview

Hello Bilos, well tell us new about MT?

Cheers Joselito, hmm....what news....we have new year 2003.In December 2002 we recorded our first full lenght album for INSANE SOCIETY RECORDS from Czech Rep. That's a last news we have.Now we are preparing some new songs and waiting for some small or bigger tours.That's basically all.

MT named like a disease and when you've start your lyrics talks more about pathologist discussion, etc. But why did you changed the style of lyrics you write into some social aware, political lyrics, war, etc.?

Endless question haha, We decided to change lyrics, because we were tired of pathological lyrics and also the "so called" gore scene became more homophobic and fascistic that time. Now I still like some gore bands, but some I can not take at any price. Anyway under name of Malignant tumour you can imagine a lot of things, not only disease. What about for example fascism? Isn't it disease?

Are you bored in that kind of lyrics or the band member decided to changed topic of what you singing.

As I said before, I was tired and bored with pathological lyrics.It was my work as well at that time- I worked as mortuary technician in hospital.

But you didn't plan to change the band named too like some other band start with DIS or some aggressive name. why?

No I didn't. But I like all those DIS-clones very much. Maybe once I will do the band called DIS-CO hahaha.....

From Czech you moved to Belgium and then now you are in Holand? (correct me if i'm wrong!) Why? Because of financial problem or lack of member to play with MT?

Yes, it's correct.I am living now in Holland.Main goal to move here was, that I need change.I had quite big problems in Czech republic with job, which is very hard to find there and some more personal things.Also last czech line-up totally broked down, so I decided to move to Belgium.I had some good time there, but big problem to find a job there, so I moved to Holland.I like this country very much althought I don't smoke marihuana.Only one thing I missing here is mountines.It's also very hard to find job here, but more easy than in czech or belgium. And of course,I found here great members for MT.THEY RULE!!!

Do you think MT will last in Holland or do you have any future plan to move to other country like in France, Switzerland, or maybe in USA. Or why do you think MT stay in Holland forever, just because you found a good line-up?

As I said, the Holland line-up is great in my eyes.Johan and Jelle(they are brothers) are really into the band and making also work around MT. Yes, I think that this is final line-up of MT,because we all like it. And I am sure if someone will leave band we will spli up forever. Also I can not say if I will in Holland forever.I have no more power to do new line up again.That's sure.I hope I will never must!

I've read some info in Czech like a scene report sent to me by one of my friend about the scene in Czech and it seems that lots of bands sprouting and kicking alive. Is it also happening now in Holland coz, MT are one the scene now there. Could you tell us more about the scene there?

I am not really into dutch scene, but here seems to be a lot of gigs.I really like some bands like, MIHOEN!, OLHO DE GATO,KRUSH,DISTROY and some more.Also here are a lot of those US HC style bands, but I don't like this kind of music.I also don't like emo-core which is quite popular here.But overall is good scene here with nice bands,DIY labels etc... like everywhere.

By the way, how's your gig in Bologna with Guilio's bday party of CRIPPLE BASTARD. Tell us more about this party and what bands played with.

I only remember a lot of people showing up there, briliant food we got and totally shitty sound.I was really tired there so I didn't watch bands we played with.Anyway gig wasn't in Bologna.It was moved to Torino squat called "EL PASO", 'coz in Bologna they had some re-building problems.EL PASO is very nice place.I met there some very nice people and end of the party was so nice.....drinking with ex C.B. guitarist Fulvio and mambers of GRIMNESS band.Then I got drunk so I don't remember more....sorry.

You got lot's of schedule you have for the next coming year 2003 (and I hope you can answer this back!). So how you can manage your time to do all this thing. You don't go to work, or anything keep you busy besides with your band.

##There is few plans, but not so much. We just will continue and we will see what future will bring.Ha, now I have no job, so no money, but I must find something very soon.Wish me the best!.Normally I work 8 hours in day(sometimes less) and the rest of day I am busy with band or just being lazy and do nothing.

Do you have a future tour in Germany with HAMATON and CAUSE OF DIVORCE. How do you involve in this tour. Did they contact you or you've been played with them before.

##Sebastian from Hamatom wrote me an e mail and he asked if we want to be a part of the GRIND YOUR MIND tour.And we agreed.We really love playing live and I hope it will be a great tour.I can't wait! Anyway we never played with those bands before, but Seb sent me a tape with both bands and I think it's great stuff.

And mostly do you paid for every gig you have or tour like this outside your country. Or what benefit you've got for this kind of offer/invitation?

##We always asking for our travel costs,vegetarian meal and sleeping places.Sometimes we get also free drinks.Sometimes we get nothing althought organizer promised and sometimes we got more money than we want.That's always perfect ahahaha..... Yes,we prefere small tour than only one gig when you have to go about 500-1000 kilometers.But for example we played at MORBID SPIELE FEST in September 2002.We traveled around 900 kms there and 900 back, but it was so fucking great event.

Have you been play or tour also outside Europe? If someone interested to invite you what condition you have to demand to play with.

##No, we never play outside of Europe yet.We would like, but it's very expensive.Maybe we can try something in future.If somebody is interested, keep in touch.

Lots of records you've released already but most of the band you've split of was into the same kind of music you playing. Are you willing or interested to make a project in a band like a ska, punk, rockabily/rock n roll band, or can you gave us a list of (kind) band you plan to play.

##I can speak just for my self now. I can do a split release with all the bands I like. I am interested in lot of musical styles but scandinavian crust cire is alwaus winner haha.... So if I like some ska or rock'n roll, why don't do a split release?

well, i think that's for all now. Thanks for you interest to answer all my questions. Any last words you like to say. bye!

##Thanx Joselito for this interview, for your support. It was pleasure to answer your questions. If someone is interested in our band or wanna just communicate feel free to write us:

Beeksestraat 76
4841 GD Prinsenbeek
The Netherlands

or e mail:
[email protected]
or visit our web site:

Our first full lenght "DAWN OF A NEW AGE" out in February 2003. Your micky mouse marinero, BILOS

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