A few links to related sites, or those of relevance to the issues covered in this site-

Academic Dress egroup

Almanach de Gotha

Almanach de Bruxelles

Almanach de la Cour

The Archbishop of Canterbury

Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand

Auckland District Law Society

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology Alumni Association

Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society

Australasian Law Teachers Association

The Australian National University

The Baronage

P Blashki & Sons, robemakers

Bredin, robemakers

British Heraldic Archive

The Burgon Society

The Central Institute London

The Society of King Charles the Martyr

The College of Arms

Commonwealth Lawyers Association

CourtDress egroup

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet -- Royalty and Nobility

E'tude Classique, robemakers

Genealogical Gleanings: Royal and Noble Lineages of Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia

The Society of Friends of St George’s and the Descendants of Knights of the Garter


The Heraldry Society

The Heraldry Society (New Zealand Branch) Inc

Heraldry-Studies egroup

The Friends of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell

The Humanities Society of New Zealand

The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies

The International Academy for the Promotion of Historical Studies

International Association of Amateur Heralds

Legal Research Foundation

The Monarchist League of New Zealand

New Zealand Bar Association

New Zealand Flag Institute

New Zealand Law Society

Royalty and Heraldry of Albania

The Royal Historical Society

Royal and Noble Genealogical Data (British Isles, western, central and eastern Europe)

Societe des Amis de l'Almanach de Gotha

The Society of Legal Scholars

The State Herald - Bureau of Heraldry

The University of Auckland

The University of Cambridge

University of Wales, Lampeter

Wolfson College, Cambridge



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