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Some guidelines for your reviews and comments

This site allows you to write comments, reviews and suggestions about the reviews or the site, so, since all these things are as important as the site itself, we're waiting for your thoughts!

As I think we've said several times, you may write your own reviews. You can review ANYTHING (related to music, that is), we don't care if it's The Beatles or The Fall you review. We just don't want you to write flame mails, those won't be posted. We also dislike comments beginning with "You're wrong, you don't get it" or "You're simply unable to catch the hooks cuz you're not a skilled musician", instead, we prefer constructive comments. Tell us what and why you think as you do, but don't tell us why WE think as we do. We also dislike mails written in this manner: "Ahhh, you're right about this album/artist! Each time I hear it hot thrills run all over my body". Again, tell us WHY hot thrills run all over your body.

For each album you review, please indicate its year of release, the best and worst songs, and the rating. The rating is divided into two different ones: the record rating and the overall rating. Check out the rating criteria page for further information about the rating system (which is the same as Starostin's, BTW).

Every review must include after the rating a brief summary of the album.

If you choose to completely review a band or artist, please add an introduction.

We won't correct any reviews or comments we get, SO TRY TO BE CORRECT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Please don't put images in the mails - we'll provide the necessary ones.

It goes without saying that we won't post any mails containing vulgar language, banners of porn sites, offences to any religious or political creed WILL BE DISCARDED. It also goes without saying that we don't want mails asking for lyrics, trivia or information about an artist.

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