Kathryn's Place
Lookin' for a corner of the world
A place to live out my days in peace
     A place to dream
          A place to sing
     A place to think
          A place to smile
Where rose-colored glasses are mandatory
     And silence is a welcome escape
Where God's beauty is all around and awe-inspiring
     And prejudice and vice are exiled to the farthest
               reaches of the universe

And as you look for your corner of the world
Please stop by mine to share a moment of peace
     Feel free to dream
          Join the song
     Think for a while
          Look back with a smile
Here are your rose-colored glasses...
     Rediscover the power of silence
Be aware that God's presence and beauty are everywhere
     And please leave your baggage outside the door
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My Home Church
Christian Student Fellowship (SCAMPS)
My Old High School
My Alma Mater
Poet's Grove Music Links
The Side of the Cereal Box Pictures
WARNING: This world is still under construction.  Stop by again sometime. :)
Friends' Places
The Crystal Lady
Not your normal "dance" pages
Trolley Dodgers
...Okay, so technically these guys should be on my music links page, but they're my friends too, so I had to put them here. :)  (Pros't! is a German band that often plays at my favorite dance spot: The Indianapolis Liederkranz!) : D
This is the official website for my friend Jeff's book (of the same title).  It is a riot (especially if you love baseball and/or know anything about Bloomington, IN.  Buy it now at Amazon.com!!!
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