Scale Rails
N Scale Western Maryland Railway and
G Scale Maryland and Pennsylvania
I've been monkeying around with electric trains since I was a kid back in the '70's, and I always marveled at the layouts featured in the hobby magazines.  I dreamed of building a fabulous layout and having the editorial team of Model Railroader or RMC come over and do a big article.

  Now, with the Internet, I don't have to wait for them.  I also don't have to worry about building a big, fabulous layout!  Most of the N Scale shots you'll see, including the one above, were taken on a
2' x 4' fiddle layout I put together to have trains running while I work on the big layout.  I'm working on renovating my big old house at the same time, so don't hold your breath waiting for pictures of the big layout.

  I have been able to make some progress on my latest project, a G-Scale Garden Railroad in the back yard.
  I'm pretty new at this website thing, so please bear with me as we learn together!  If I'm doing this right, you should be able to follow the links to my
N scale efforts, as well as the Garden Railroad.  Enjoy!

  If you have any questions or comments, contact me at
[email protected]

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