In N Scale
The trackplan shown here was designed to capture the elements of the Western Maryland that I find the most appealing, and still fit into a space of about 16' x16'.  I wanted to include some scenic mainline running, a coal branch servicing several mines, an urban switching area, and a major multi-siding industry.
  I also wanted to represent one of the major yards at either Cumberland or Hagerstown.
  Some of the design challenges I have faced include the following:

   The layout is in the attic.  As such, the higher I build the platform, the less space I have.  The roof pitch is 12/12, so each foot I go up, I loose 2' of horizontal space.  I have settled on a base height of 42" from the floor, which still allows 16' across, and provides about 6' of storage space underneath.  (It still has to serve as an attic, you know!)

   The trains have to share a room with my artwork.  I do pen and ink illustrations and construction drafting, so I have to keep room available for my desk and drawing table, as well as my train workbench.  So far it's working out pretty well.

   I want a layout that is relatively simple, to keep maintenance to a minimum, and to enable me to operate it more or less by myself. 

   I think I have achieved all of these objectives with this design.  I'll know for sure when I finally get around to building it!

   I have started one section as a 6-week challenge on the Atlas N Scale Forum, and you can see the results

   While the surveyors and engineers are developing their plans for the big rig, I have a
2x4 layout that I have used as test track, scenery lab and "zen garden."  It makes a great backdrop for my equipment shots.
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