No da! Welcome to my Fushigi Yuugi page!!
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My tribute to the awesome anime, Fushigi Yuugi. I'm a new fan, but already a diehard... Bios for the characters and summaries of the story are a must, of course. Also, check out the link to the rpg I kinda stole.. its a long story.. heh heh heh.... Have fun!  Not much to see yet though.. also have a dbz rpg link.. try out the random quotes!!!
Hmm... how many roller-coasters have I been on....
My Bio
What's FY all about?
Character Bios:
Susaku section
Seiryuu section
Byakko Section
Genbu Section
Galleries... FY pics.. What could possibly be better??
Favorite FY quotes
Commentary on the characters
The rpg... heh heh heh..
Other great FY sites
my dbz rpg...
my FF6 rpg
Random stuff My dolls
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And as for my new Inu Yasha one...
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