MY FAVORITE QUOTES(by my friends and I) (fun stuff)
Some of these may not make sence. But use ur imagination. They can be funny in their own way, even if you don't know what they mean.

Quotes Prom PA History

May 13, 2003

"Thaws!" -Nate

"Um...this is about Pennsylvania." -Me

"Where's the monkey?" -Nate

"This is modern day Japan." -Nate

"I'm gonna stab you in the neck with a pen!" -Mr. Lightner

"I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it." -Nate

"Nate has spoon hands!" -Anne

"Let's do Amish people next!" -Nate

"We couldn't draw wings so we gave him a jet pack." -Me

"VROOM!!!!" -Nate and Me

"You should draw wooden people." -Nate

"I was bored last night when I was trying to sleep, so I shoved my hand down my throat and I felt this little flappy thing. I almost puked." -Nate

"Hi Tom, this is Jerry." -Mr. Lightner

"That musta totaled the car." -Nate

"My knee squeaks!" -Nate

"He wants you to put your mouth on it." -Anne

"I feel like an old man!" -Anne

"They're doin' it really good today, Anne! Come here!" -Nate

"Jesus isn't white?!" -Nate

"We should do hippies." -Me

"Someone isn't right." -Nate

"I'm gonna take that stick and hit you with it! And the people around you might get caught in the backlash of the stick!" -Mr. Lightner

"Well, you're kind of retarded." -Anne
"Okay. Let's not laugh at me because I have a disability." -Nate

"She scares me. She eats my fries and it makes me really mad." -Nate

"I don't want any lungs!" -Dan

"That's so black it's not even funny." -Nate

"It's not, like, close conversations. It's like...far away." -Nate

May 14, 2003

"Stepho! Be a rebel!! Salad!!!" -Nate

"It could squirt at any second if I cut it. I could explode. I'm giving myself blue viens." -Anne

"Press it, Stepho, press it!" -Nate

"No, her biting my leg and me peeing on her head was wrong." -Ashley
"It wasn't gushing! It was just a drop!" -Anne

"I got stung on the boob once." -Anne

"My eye was swollen shut and, like, hanging. The other one was almost swollen shut and I couldn't see so I was running into stuff. That's when she realized I was kinda allergic to them." -Nate

"Wow, that's a long one." -Me

"I have no idea what it is. It's just...lumpy." -Nate

"Everytime I close my eyes I see the pam!" -Nate

"I always have double vision, do you?" -Nate

"I used to like gold fish." -Nate

May 15, 2003

"Okay, 'I can do it but my names Tim', put all that other stuff away." -Mr. Lightner

"No-have-sex." -Mr Lightner

"There was this kid at my old skool who was from union city so I said, 'That means you're imbread, right?" -Dan
"Oh yeah, that's a good way to make friends with someone." -Mr Lightner
"I didn't wanna be friends with him! He had a weird face!!" -Dan
"Anyway, some of them would use phones and stuff anyway." -Mr Lightner
"Do they wanna be amish? ...Oh, I thought you were still talking about the amish." -Dan
"I was talking about the amish. You're so stuck on Union City and incest!" -Mr Lightner
"I love my mom! She's my girlfriend!!" -Dan

"I have a rough time using a microwave." -Mr Lightner

"Okay, 'Tim, my name is not Bill'." -Mr. Lightner

"That's what the make kleenex's for!!" -Dan

"How do you know all this?! Are you a human record book?" -Dan

"You could SEE the freakin' ear, man!" -Dan

"SWEEEEEET!! He does tae-bo!" -Ross

"We have, like, 20 not even minutes!" -Nate

"I have Pennsylvania Dutch in me. I don't know how. I don't know why..." -Nate

"So, you're imbread? Is that what you're trying to say?" -Anne

"Whoa, Mr A. ... he like, hit me with his dick today. I felt something brush against me and I looked over and it was right there!" -Nate

"What's with the teachers!?" -Nate

"I can find moles, Anne, by myself!" -Nate

"I don't just get shoved in the back, I get shoved in the front, too." -Anne

"It's the mole one! My favorite! McDonald's!!" -Nate

"Her running is like a retarded horse." -Ashley

"Get on your knees, Anne....and SUCK my knee!!" -Nate

"When you're in the back row, you're on your knees a lot!" -Nate

"She likes to fist it?" -Nate


"Everybody say...booda booda booda." -David
"You do not spend time with friends, you invest..." -Silver


May 16

"I was gonna say, I hope he gets stabbed...for real this time." -Nate

"See, I like kids that you can be nice to...If I'm nice to you and you turn around and start talking when I'm talking, then I sorta don't wanna be nice to you anymore." -Mr. Lightner

"Little old lady's are my age! Don't be bad mouthing people from my era!" -Mr Lightner

"Put my yard stick down!" -Mr. Lightner
"What yard stick?" -Brandon
"The one in your right hand that I'm gonna wack you over the head with in a minute!" -Mr. Lightner

"I always want to hear about sex in the white house." -Andy (some guy on the news)

"I thought it was the black guy talking again. I'm confused!" -Nate

"I'm so hungry, my stomach is digesting my insides." -Me
"Mine's devouring my insides. I can taste the curly fries. So nice...tender! It burns!" -Nate

"That's my flub." -Nate

"What a terrible soldier." -Nate

"She could feel it." -Nate

"POPCORN!!" -Nate

"Something is burning in my gut. I can't figure out if I have to take a piss, or if I need to eat, or if it was something I ate." -Nate

"Small children...separated from their mothers. They just let them run around in the wild." -Nate

"In ten days I'll get my final treatment for herpes." -Nate

"It looks like she has a butthole in her hair!" -Nate

"Anne Williams!! Put your head here!!" -Ashley

May 23

"I would never be able to staple anyone's head shut." -Nate

"I mean we...we really questioned his intelligence." -Mr. Lightner

"I would soo gouge his eyes out!" -Nate

"That's probably what they weren't even talking about. But they were now." -Anne

"Well well well, won't you just wait 'til Wednesday..." -Nate

"Turtle! Come on! Or frog...whatever his name is." -Mr. A.

"Now THAT'S what a hole looks like." -Nate

"You know what, Anne? You want it in there?" -Nate

"That would suck if you really did. Actually no it wouldn't. I'd just fall out of my chair and go to sleep." -Me

"I'm ALWAYS expecting it!" -Nate

"She likes to grope it between her fingers." -Nate

"Anne wants a hairy chest. To have? Or to play with? Who knows?" -Nate
"Actually, I do have one. I just shave it." -Anne
"And you think she's kidding, don't you?" -Ashley
"No! I believe you!" -Nate

"I wake up at 5:30 cuz they make noise when they get in the shower...EW! They....what? Schizo? NO!" -Nate

"You sound like you just smoked 10 packs of cigarettes and gave, like 20 blow jobs." -Nate

"She lost her breasts!!" -Anne
"What is there to lose?" -Nate

"Nate! Would you open your mouth?! I'm so close!" -Anne

"Hey! Give me back my pencil!" -Nate
"I don't have it." -Anne
"She does! Ashley! Give it back!" -Nate
"She put it down my pants!!!" -Anne
"Down her underwear!" -Ashley
"It didn't hit anything." -Anne

May 27

"How did the invention of the steamboat impact PA?" -Me (reading)
"It promoted growth by inviting people over!" -Nate

"They had a keg party with Lake Erie water! Gross!!!" -Me

"What was that?! Someone farted! I think it was Mr. Lightner." -Nate

"I'm sick of looking at houses and buildings. They're ugly." -Me

"The big bitch?!?" -Me and Nate (in unison)

"Stepho! Page 94! It's E.T.!!!"-Nate
"Oh really?" -Stepho
"Check! Check!" -Nate
"Oh! It's Harriet Tubman!" -Stepho

"Which industries did the invention of the steamboat impact?" -Nate (reading)
"The adult movie industry, the child pornography industry, the Bill Clinton oral sex industry." -Me
"The industrial state industry... **gasp!** Coal and People!!" -Nate
"The people industry??" -Me

"Oh! I thought that said 'The coal mined people'." -Nate


This next thing is only parts of a conversation. I couldn't hear everything:


"Yeah big turtles tell evil people to go to Mexico." -Turtle
"Do you hear yourself talking?! You're the world's biggest tard!" -Tim
"Let's see...stop my conversation with Turtle, lose my sanity and go mentally insane!!" -Tim
"Why don't you become the national-state animal of Mexco." -Tim
"I need to go to Mexico!" -Turtle
"Turtle, stifel the urge!" -Tim
"Do you know what Mexico means, Turtle? It means freedom!" -Tim
"All MEN were created equal. Not turtles." -Tim
"Turtle! Go to hell!" -Tim
"No I should go to Mexico!" -Turtle

"It's an ART CLASS! And the only reason why we do it is because we hate you and we know it bothers you." -Me

"Digging holes and carrying CLAY because they live out in Where Ever's Ville!" -Nate

"I'm like, 'Training to be a grease monkey?'." -Nate

"Me with boobs." -Nate

"Hmmm...Mr. Lightner looks like he's ready to go to the club tonight. He wears the same kinda things my brother does. He probably spritzes on the Axe and goes." -Nate

"I can't turn! I tried to crack my back and it felt like my rib stabbed something!" -Nate
"That's kinda gross. You might wanna get that checked out, kiddo." -Me

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