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a short Bio:
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I was born on August 29, 1978 at 1:59 PM (EST) in Toledo, Ohio.  My first years are a little foggy for me now but I remember starting school at the age of six at St Patrick's Elementary School.  I liked to color and the first picture I ever did was of cowboys on a cattle drive.  this was probably inspired by the movie Big Jake with John Wayne which I saw around that time.  John Wayne was my father's hero and growing up I wanted to ride a horse and shoot bad guys.  In first grade I wrote & illustrated my first book titled "The Bear Who Visited France".  It was dedicated to my little sister Suzanne for the occassion of her 5th birthday.
In Grade School my favorite subjects were art & geography & to a lesser degree religion.  I now think that as a kid I was obsessed with the ritual of the Catholic sevice...when I got older it must have worn off.  (I get the geography & history from my dad & I suppose the art from my mom.  She used to be a very good painter...).
When I started High School I decided to become a writer or a painter or both.  I wasn't particularly good in school but outside of school I liked to play soccer which I wasn't particularly good at either.  My sophmore year I score one memorable goal on the JV team.  My junior year of High School I left the US for the first time and went to Spain as an exchange student.  I lived with a very nice family in Valladolid and discovered that the best way to learn a foreign language is to spend a year or so in another country with a group of people who don't understand  a single thing you say...
When I got back from Spain I repeated my junior year of High School and then went straight to college.
After one year there I quit and went full time at my job as a security guard.  On the long lonely nights at LaChoy Foods I started my first (still unfinished) autobiographical novel.  After two years I decided I did not want to be a security guard forever and just about that time the Army called and asked if I was interested.  At first I told them no but then finally I changed my mind and decided to join the Army to travel the world & improve myself.  My introduction to the Army was in Basic Training at the 1/38 Infantry Regiment Ft Benning, Georgia.  After I learned how to shoot the M16A2 assault rifle and use other weapons like the AT4 anti tank rocket I was sent to Ft Gordon, GA to get further training as a Communications Technician.  After I finished all my training there I was assigned to my first unit.  My first duty station was Camp Humphreys, Korea, where I still am right now.  I have less than  a year left in the Army now so I am starting to think about what I will do once I am finally done...I would like to travel for awhile and then maybe try to get a civilian job over here.    
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