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Nature News Network (keeps you with nature)
Nature News Network
Nature News Network is a platform where you can satisfy all your information needs related to natural health care systems, natural agriculture, nature & environment conservation, pollution concerns, food safety and so on.

Are you interested in sharing what you feel is concerned with nature and ultimately affecting you and all of us?

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Breaking News >> India: A Story of Blind Faith In Genetic Mutilation

Photograph: Dr S K Kaura, a biotechnologist turned natural farming scientist, the one man army against the Genetic Engineering Euphoria, who changed the landscape of cotton fields in North India by promoting a new technique of growing cotton crops (indigenously developed by farmers) which has increased the farm income by upto 100%. He singly handedly ran a campaign for over five years with zero budget and the result is that millions of farmers have adopted this new technique mentioned above as Paired Row System of Growing Cotton and increased their farm income while significantly decreasing pesticide use, water use, seed use and feritlizer use.
Other Breaking News >> Land Free Agriculture: Passion of A Microbiology Professor

Photograph: Dr Y K Kaura, the inventor of Land Free Agriculture proudly shows his all natural vegetables (Gourds also called 'Tori' locally) at his home.

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