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India: A Story of Blind Faith In Genetic Mutilation Hisar (India) 20 November, 2006 (Nature News Network)

In India probably the concern for livelihood is stronger than the need of awareness of hazardous effects of genetically manipulated plants. And even scientists do not work on harmful effects of genetically manipulated plants at all as they fear going against the wishes of authorities.

Photograph: Dr S K Kaura, working on his pc at his office in India.

As it happened in UK after Dr Puszatai's bold revelation that the genetically manipulated plants cause havoc to gastro-intestinal system of mice the whole scientific community in UK was of one scientific opinion that they do not need such hazardous plants for their people. This was the true victory of positive science. With the promotion of genetically manipulated plants by many ill intentioned scientists, traders and politicians we are in fact repeating the follies of past.

This is not a new phenomenon when proven disastrous things are forced on public. American traders once promoted radioactive syrups as miracle cures for all diseases. There should be collective effort from all concerned to counter the ill intentioned propaganda about positive effects of genetically manipulated plants on agricultural productivity.

There are many indigenous agronomic techniques available now, which have proved to be real booster of cotton crop. In fact farmers are able to double their cotton productivity with a simple technique discovered by Indian farmers (Mr. Gopal Singh and his brother Mr. Harbhajan Singh of Village Bighar, District Fatehabad, Haryana, India). This technique consists of growing cotton on ridges (up to 1 foot high and up to 1 foot wide) of small canals of about 1.5 to 2.5 feet width. And these canals are space from 2 to 5 feet or more depending on the variety of cotton, its spreading nature, and any intercropping. (The compete details /further information on replicating this beautiful model of doubling the cotton production and reducing water consumption in your state/country/district by this technique are available on request please email at innovativeindia 'at' or see our web site at

Photograph: Paired Row System with Integrated Fallow, an indigenous system of growing cotton (locally called as 'Kool Ki Kheti'). Photograph shows the farmer Mr. Harbhjan Singh on the left who developed this technique over a period of over 5 years. His brother Mr. Santokh Singh stands on right side of picture.

We have a real life experience when we approached the local government funded agricultural university (CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India) for popularisation of the above technique (developed by a farmer) which not only increases the productivity up to 100 per cent but also saves over 50 per cent water in this part of the world where murders are very common over water and agricultural land. In addition, this technique, termed by us as Paired Row System With Intergrated Fallow (term coined by Mr. P K Jain, an Agricultural Development Officer with State Agriculture Department, Haryana Government, India, who discovered this technique along with his colleagues Mr. Hira Lal, an Agriculture Inspector, with State Agriculture Department, Haryana Government, India) and a local farmer Mr. Rajender Godara also helps to reduce seed requirement by up to ten times.

Photograph: Dr S K Kaura, in thoughtful gesture at his office in India.

The abovementioned State Agricultural University refused to listen to our advocating of this technique for nearly 4 to 5 years. But now by a concerted zero budget campaign by our forum 'Natural Farming Network' and sister organisation School of Natural Farming, Save Farmer Campaign (called locally as 'Kisaan Bachaao Aandolan')(since year 2001) now the university in its official farmer training programs recommends this technique to farmers but still no formal academic research is taken up by the government agencies or universities.

Photograph: Photograph: Press coverage of Paired row system of growing cotton (locally called as 'Kool Ki Kheti') in local media in Hindi Language.

On the other hand the State Agricultural University and State Agricultural Department has very well taken the cause of the killer companies promoting deadly BT cotton (Being a plants geneticist and biotechnologist by training I call it as 'Big Technical Monster'). It is confirmed now that before official green signal given to BT cotton by the Central Government, Monsanto had organised a number of trainings for the farmers for free. Even the State Agriculture Department, Haryana had organised a training sponsored by the companies dealing in BT cotton way before the formal approval to BT cotton growing in country. One interesting fact which is worth mentioning here, The State Agricultural University organised a seminar to educate the farmers about benefits of hazardous BT Cotton just after the illegal widespread growing of BT cotton few years back.

Everybody seems to be charmed by the hi-fi technology and no body wants to look at the reports which say that genetically modified plants increases the mortality rate in mice by 5 times, causes damage to liver, even makes the plants unstable and actually mutilate their genome developed by nature to make a plant able to survive in nature and so on.

Contributed by Dr S K Kaura
(PhD Genetics, MSc Biotechnology, BSc Forestry)

Dr Kaura led several demonstrations in Indian Universities, several campaigns in Indian Press, fast unto death, even campaign against his professors and fellow scientists, to highlight the ill effects of genetically modified plants.

Dr Kaura is a well known name in anti-GM campaign and pro-natural farming campaign in India and abroad. He has vowed not to serve organisations dealing in GM and tissue culture plants.

Dr Kaura is one of the few scientists who worked in a genetically engineering laboratory for over 11 years and realized ill effects of these hazardous crops by a very close observation and real life experience. Now he is a well known critic of genetic engineering whose advice is sought by many organisations in India.

Photograph: Dr S K Kaura working at his office in India.

Dr Kaura, is credited with promoting a new technique of growing cotton crops (indigenously developed by farmers) which has increased the farm income by up to 100%. He singly handedly ran a campaign for over five years with zero budget and the result is that millions of farmers have adopted this new technique mentioned above as Paired Row System of Growing Cotton ( and increased their farm income while significantly decreasing pesticide use, water use, seed use and fertilizer use.

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