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|9/26/02| - Not Much has been up lately, I will have some New CD reviews in soon although when I get the time to write some, which should be soon enough and such.  And in some related news to music, Fans of Nirvana Should be enjoying a new album by the end of this year, good news to me anyway. Have fun :)
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|5/19/02| - Bio has written us a review for the popular band NOFX, check out which one of there CD's in the Review Section. Keefer has also submitted a great review from ICP, good job guys. Anyway, on another note, I have added a live chat, in the Forums where we can chat amongst eachother and such, have fun. :)
|4/15/02| - I have put up new reviews in the past few days, reviews written by loyal surfers such as your selfs, like Kezza, Cobra, and WarHeart.  These Reviews include bands such as Slipknot, Metallica, and Tool.  Check The "CD Reviews" section for more.  In other News I have gotten The Forums Up and running, feel free to stop by and post some, visit fellow Review Writers and such.   See you guys around.    ;)
|4/13/02| - I have Recieved a New review on a great cd composed by Children of Bodom, you can check it out in the CD review section if you wish.  I have gotten most of the links up and such, the site is going smoothly and such.  I have written two reviews myself also, If you are interested check the CD Review section.  If you would like to Submit your works, check the "Submit a Review" Section. Thanks.
|4/12/02| - I have just set up this web site, I hope to use this site in order to review many of the cd's I have purchased in the past few years and spread the wisdom upon the readers and maybe change there mids about things for the best. I hope to get up all of the links soon as possible.  Also loyal readers like your self may educate the rest on your oppinion of a cd by submitting a review also.