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Ni , Min ( Frank )

Start Dancing

You need a Java embeded browser to view

Be patient, it takes a while to load after you click on the Music menu.

Rated Top 5% WebApplet by JARS

Music Operations

If you are running NM as an application, you can load music files 
in *.text format from your directory. If you are running applet, 
NM will load a hard-coded demo file. 

You can modify, but unless you are running application, you won't 
be able to save.
Use the four arrow keys to control the upper cursor. Use 'Z','z',
'X','x','C','c' keys to control the lower cursor.
Use Delete key to delete chords.
Use mouse to turn on/off the Insert mode at the lower left corner.

If there is more than one page, you can use PgUp,PgDown keys.
To input a new chord, use Return key, to add note to a chord use 
left mouse button. To delete a note from a chord, use right mouse 
button to click on that note.
To enter a space on the staff, position the lower cursor on "Bar", 
and hit Enter.
To Enter a "#" or "b" sign, position the lower cursor on that symbol,
hit Enter, then move the lower cursor to a note and hit Enter. The 
program will check if it is legal to have a sign there. If there 
shouldn't be one there, it won't put it there.
The first seven positions are reserved for the "#" and "b" signs, the 
cursors will automatically adjust themselves.
Use the mouse to click on the lower right corner for "Voice","High" 
or "Low" on the staff.
Use "Esc" to escape without saving.
Time/Measure(i.e. 3/4), Speed and Percent can also be adjusted by left
and right mouse buttons.

Dance Operations

Use left mouse button to position the joints of the figure ( little 
dancer ). 

Use four arrow keys to adjust gestures. Right mouse click on the 
dancer at the bottom will copy the current film to the next one above.
Use left mouse button to choose which film to edit.
When moving the body, lower joints will move with upper joints.
Use the "Load","Save" in the menu item to load and save the films if
you are allowed to.
Otherwise, it will load the hard-coded demo film.
The html page will look for a "" file in the example dir. You can 
replace it to play some other music.

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Nimble Musician Resume My Programs Portfolio More Photos
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