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FM Live in South Orange, NJ 10-13-75 C
Get Like You Used to Be, Station Man, Spare Me a Little, I'm so Afraid, Say You Love Me, Jumping at Shadows, Frozen Love (RARE PERFORMANCE!), Rhiannon, Oh Well, World Turning, Green Manalishi

FM Live in Passaic, 1975         B/B+
Station Man, Spare Me a Little, Rhiannon, I'm So Afraid, World Turning, Don't Let ME DOwn Again, Hypnotized

TUSK TOUR REHEARSALS Volume 1, 1979       A-/B+
Say You Love Me, The Chain, Dreams, Rhiannon, The Ledge,  Save Me a Place (Stevie's harmonies are AWESOME on this!!), Oh Daddy, You Make Loving Fun, Over and Over, That's All For EVeryone, Think About Me, Sara, Honey Hi, Tusk, GYOW.

TUSK TOUR REHEARSALS Volume 2, 1979       A-/B+
Say You Love Me, Chain, Angel, I Know I'm Not Wrong #1, Dreams, LEdge, Sara, What Makes You Think..., Never Going Back AGain, Oh Daddy, Don't Stop, GYOW, Sistersof the Moon, I KNow I'm Not Wrong #2, Songbird

Stevie Nicks TUSK Outtakes A-/B+
Angel (tour Rehearsal), Beauty and the Beast (blues demo), Lady from the Mountain, Sister of the moon (with extra guitar ending), Storms, Angel (alt. mix), Bbeautiful Child (demo), Fireflies (studio demo), Sisters of the Moon (full version with extra lyrics), Sara (cleaning lady version)

FM Live 8/12/80 -- Birmingham, AL

Monday Morning, The Chain, Don't Stop, Dreams, Rhiannon, Over and Over, Sara, Not That Funny, Never Going Back Again, Landslide, Tusk, Think About Me, I'm So Afraid, Angel, You Make Loving Fun, World Turning, GYOW, Sisters of the Moon, Songbird

Stevie Nicks BBC Interview 1981 

Stevie Nicks, Houston, 11-28-1981
      FIRST SOLO SHOW!!)   C
Gold Dust Woman, Think About It, Outside The Rain/Dreams, Angel, After the GLitter Fades, Gold and Braid, I Need to Know, Sara, Bella Donna (cut), Blue Lamp, Leather and Lace, How Still My Love, Stop Draggin' My HEart..., Edge of 17, Rhiannon

Mirage Demos and Outtakes
That's Alright, Book of Love, WIsh You Were Here, Gypsy, Wild Heart (Instrumental), Eyes of the World, Hold Me, Straight Back, Blue Monday, Love in Store, Goodbye Angel, Smile at You, Oh Diane, +++ 1988 outtakes No Questions ASked, AS Long as You Follow, Down Endless Street

Mirage Interview with Jim Ladd featuring Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks. 60 minutes.

Stevie Nicks -- China Doll CD Demos and Outtakes
Kind of Woman, Mistaken Love, Three Birds of Rhiannon, Forest of the Black Roses, China Doll, Gypsy (Synthesizer outtake), Voilet and Blue (outtake), If Anyone Falls, (outtake), Sara (Cleaning Lady Version), BellaDonna (Synthesizer outtake)

Stevie Nicks Live in Dallas, 1983 (Sounds a little sped up) The infamous "Happy" Show! Stevie has had one too many lines!! Gold Dust Woman, OTR/Dreams, I Need to Know. Sara. Band INtros, IF Anyone Falls, Leather & Lace, Stand Back, Beauty and the Beast, Gypsy, How Still My Love, Stop Draggin', Edge of 17

Stevie Nicks Live in Largo, MD 1983
Gold Dust, Outside the Rain, Dreams, I Need to Know, Sara, Band Intros, If Anyone Falls, Leather and Lace Stand Back, Beauty and the Beast, Gypsy

Rock a Little (Wild End), Night Gallery, All the King's Horses (8 minute version), Blue Lamp, It's Not a Dream #1, It's Not a Dream #2, Seem Like a Thousand Days (alt. lyrics), She Calls You Missing, Love is Like a River (alt. lyrics), Oh Baby, Impossible Task, Greata (alt lyrics), Mirror Mirror (haunted version),  Some BEcome Strangers, The Nightmare, (alt. lyrics), No Spoken Word

FM London, 5-18-88 A-
Say You Love Me, THe Chain, Dreams, Isn't It Midnight, Seven Wonders, Stop Messing Around, Sara. GDW, Don't LEt Me Down Again, HAEWAFY, Little Lies, Stand Back, GYOW

Say You Love Me, Seven Wonders, Oh Well, GDW, You Make Loving Fun, Don'tStop

Fleetwood Mac Live in Germany, 4/1988 -- TANGO IN THE NIGHT TOUR
Say You Love Me , The Chain, Dreams, Isn't it Midnight, Oh Well, Seven Wonders, Stop Messin' Around, Everywhere, GDW, Don't You Let Me Down Again, HAEWAFY, I Loved Another Woman, Brown Eyes, World Turning, Little Lies, Stand Back, You Make Loving Fun, GYOW, Blue Letter, Don't Stop

Stevie Nicks live in Texas, 1989 Other Side of the Mirror Tour
Outside the rain, Dreams, Rooms on Fire, Talk to Me, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Alice, I Need to Know, HAEWAFY

Stevie Nicks Live 9/23/00 AHI Benefit
Outside the Rain/Dreams, Enchanted, GDW, Everyday Is a Winding Road (with Sheryl Crow), My favorite Mistake (Sheryl alone), Difficult Kind (Sheryl and Stevie), Stand Back, Leather and Lace (w/ DOn Henley), Boys of Summer (Henley alone), Happy Birthday, Rhiannon, It's Late (w/ Chris Isaak), Solitary Man (w/ C Isaak), Baby Did a Bad thing (Chris and Sheryl Crow), Big Love (Lindsey Buckingham alone), GO Insane (LB alone), Landslide (w/ Lindsey), Gypsy (AWESOME acoustic performance with Lindsey and Waddy Wachtel). Edge of 17. I Need to Know, HAEWAFY

SHeryl Crow/Stevie Nicks/Kid Rock/KEith RIchards Live at SHINE, NYC 4-30-01 "Building thePerfect Bitch" Concert
INtro, Walk Away, My Favorite Mistake, No Matter What, IF It Makes YOu Happy, It Don't Hurt, Don't Tell ME/Sweet Home Alabama, IF I Was President of the USA, COme and Go Blues, Drfit Away, Love Hurts, Not Fade Away, Aint that a Shame, Black Betty, Slow Ride, Do Ya, Too Far From Texas, It's Only Love, Leather and Lace, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, THe difficult Kind, There Goes the Neighborhood, Tie Your Mother Down

Stevie Nicks Live in Camden, NJ 7/16/0
Stop Draggin..., Enchanted,  Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Sorcerer,  Everyday, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Planets of the Universe, Too Far From Texas, Bombay Sapphires, Fall From Grace, Edge of 17, I Need to Know, HAEWAFY

Stevie Nicks Duets, Bonus Mixes and Rare Demo
I Pretend (w/ Sandy Stewert), Sorcerer (w/Marilyn Martin), THe Apartment Song, Needles and Pins, Insider (w/Tom Petty), You Like Me (w/ Williams Brothers), Can't Get Enough (w/ Mick FLeetwood and BB King), Desiree , Intuition, (w/ Rick Vito), Secret (w/ Robin Zander), Lay Down Your Arms, (Ringo Starr), Let Me Count the Ways (Dave Koz), Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow), SAvior (Jessie Camp), Talk to Me (alt. mix), I Can't Wait (dance mix w/o vocals), I Can't Wait (dance mix with vocals), City of Hope, Running Through the Garden, Destiny, Sleeping Angel (F. Mac outtake), Beauty and the Beast (blues version--awesome!! Tusk outtake), Julia, THe Dealer, Angel (alt. mix)

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