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Cathouse Blues and extra demos
Watchdevil, Secret Love, Without You, Nomad, Designs of Love (That's Alright), You Could Forget (Garbo), Goldfish and the Ladybug, Cathouse Blues   Extra Demos: Night Gallery, Rock A Bye Baby, If You Were my Love, In the Still of the Night (How Still My Love), Impossible Task

Buckingham Nicks, 1973
Crying in the Night, Stephanie, Without a Leg to Stand On, Crystal, Long Distance Winner, Don't LEt Me Down Again, Django, Races Are Run, Lola (My Love), Frozen Love

FM Live, 1975 (Unknown Location)
I'm so Afraid, Oh Well, World Turning, Why, Over My Head, Green Manalishi (Stevie adds great vocals to this), Station Man, Spare Me a Little

Gold Dust Woman (2 versions), Silver Springs #1, Second HAnd NEws, Oh Daddy, GYOW, Think About It, Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun, Songbird (Different middle verse than RUMOURS version), THe Chain, (BEFORE STEVIE ADDED THE WORDS!), The Dealer (Mistress of my Fate), Sara (9 minute Cleaning lady version), Beautiful Child, Silver Springs #2, Storms, Honey Hi

Rumours: The Other Side (Rumours demos and outtakes)

Fleetwood Mac Live in Little Rock, 1977

Monday Morning, Say You Love Me, The Chain (Stevie sounds GREAT!!!), Dreams, Rhiannon, Oh Daddy, Never Going Back Again, Landslide, Over my Head, Oh Well, World Turning, GYOW, Blue LEtter, Second Hand News, Don't Stop

1981 Innerview with  Jim Ladd "Bella Donna"

The Source --Stevie Live in 1981
GDW, Gold and Braid, I Need to Know, Outside the Rain/Dreams, Angel, Leather and Lace, Stop Draggin'..., BellaDonna, Sara, How Still My Love, Edge of 17, Rhiannon

Earth News Interview with Stevie Nicks, 1982 approx. 1 hr.

Mirage Tour Rehearsals
Dreams (Chris on vocals), Eyes of the World, Second Hand News, The Chain, Gypsy, Don't Stop, Dreams (Stevie), Oh Well, Tusk, Hold Me, Straight Back (Slight humming sound during this), Sara, Rhiannon

Fleetwood Mac, Live in Arizona, 9/30/82

Second Hand News, The Chain, Don't Stop, Dreams, Rhiannon, Brown Eyes, Eyes of the World, Gypsy, Love in Store, Never Going Back Again, Landslide, Tusk, Sara, Hold ME, Go Your Own Way, Blue Letter, Sisters of the Moon, Songbird.

1983 Innerview with Jim Ladd "Wild Heart"
Features Stevie with Lori, Sharon and Sandy Stewart: Sharon and Stevie sing "Blue Water" unreleased song and do a beautiful rendition of "Are You Mine?"

Cloak and Dagger --Stevie Live in Chicago 6/86

Outside the Rain, Dreams, Talk to Me, I Need to Know, No Spoken Word, Beauty and the Beast, Leather & Lace, I Can't Wait, Stand Back, Pista 10 (Guitar Solo),Stop Draggin' My Heart, How Still My Love

Stevie Nicks' interview LIVE AT BBC -- 1991, approx. 20 minutes

Stevie Nicks Live at the HOUSE OF BLUES, 1994
Outside the Rain/Dreams, Rooms on Fire, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Destiny, GDW, Talk to Me, Edge of 17, The Chain (AWESOME!), I Need to Know

FM Live in Camden, NJ 9/26/97
The Chain, Dreams, Everywhere, GDW, I'm do Afraid, Temporary One, Bleed to Love Her, Gypsy, Big Love, Go Insane, Landslide, Say You Love Me, Sweet Girl, You Make Loving Fun, My Little Demon, Stand Back (Stevie messes up 2nd verse--it's kinda cute!) Oh Dadddy, Not that Funny (Mick Drum Solo), RHiannon, Second Hand NEws, Silver SPrings, Tusk, GYOW, Don't Stop, Songbird, Farmer's Daughter

Enchanted Dreams (3-tape set)

TAPE 1:Baby Doll, Gold and Braid, Belle Fluer, If You Ever Did Belive, All the Kings Horses, Smile At You, Castaway, Destiny, No Light, The Tower, Sanctuary, Dial the Number, The Dealer, Tied Up in Promises, Lady Form the Mountain, 24 Karat, Julia, She Still Loves Him, When I See You Again, Maybe Love Will Change...(cut)

Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind, Stand BAck, Rock a Little, Welcome to the Room...Sara, Beautiful ghost, Running through the Garden, Do I Nring You Down, If You Were My Love, At the Fair, Silver Springs, Mix Down, What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done For You?, Thousand Days, Blue Lamp, Prettiest Girl in the Worls\d, Old Fashioned, I Sing for the Things, Gypsy

After the Glitter Fades, Night Bird, Seven Wonders, Nomad, Garbo, Crying in the Night, GDW (ENCHANTED TOUR REHEARSAL), After the Glitter Fades (ENCHANTED TOUR REHEARSAL), Battle of the Dragon, Talk to ME, Rock a Little, Mirror Mirror, The Nightmare, Silent Night, Edge of 17, How Still My Love, All Over You (w/Prince), Twisted, I Wanna Talk to You, Something Exquisite, Designs of Love

Stevie Nicks, Star Catcher
Stand Back (Solid Gold, 84), Landslide (letterman, 98), Blue Denim, (Letterman, 94), Landslide, HOF, 98, Rhiannon (Grammies, 98), Blue Denim (Leno, 94), Stand Back, (Arsenio Hall, 91), HAEWAFY, (KLOS, 94)
Rhiannon, (KLOS, 94), Stop Draggin' (US Festival, 83), Rhainnon (WNEW, 94), Are You Mine (Jim Ladd Interview, 83), Stand Back (Leno, 98), Landslide, KLOS, 98,STand Back (Sat. Night Live, 83), Nightbird (SNL 83), GDW, (Jim Ladd, 98), After the Glitter (Jim LAdd, 98), HAEWAFY (Letterman 98)

Lindsey Buckingham, Gift of Screws: Unreleased outtkes and Demos 1995-2001
Down on Rodeo, Murrow, Bleed to Love Her, Gift of Screws, She Smiled Sweetly, Come, Try for the Sun, Red Rover, Steve's Riff, Gotta GEt Away, Twist of Fate, Miranda, Steal Your Heart Away, Somebody's Gotta Change Your Mind, Deep Dense, The Singer Not the Song, Blue Turns to Gray, Given Thing

Stevie Nicks at the Forum in LA, 2-26-02 Concert for Artist Rights
Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, Fall From Grace, Leather and Lace (w/ Don Henley),  Stop Dragging My Heart Around (w/ Tom Petty), Stand Back, I Need to KNow (w/ Tom Petty)

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