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Thanks must go to Ross Aitken, Chris Adams, The Railway , Dave Swan and Calum mcmahon for their photographic contributions to this website. Links to their pages are found in my links page. Any other photographic contributions are welcome.

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Important News: 303032 returns home click here

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303 unit Formations

NEW PAGES 2003 news and sightings pages. These pages will be open for information on all Scottish Multiple units or locomotives.

2003 sightings page

2003 news page

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Bahn 3.59 SPT Area layout update: At Present all Argyle Line, North Clyde, Cathcart Circle services completed / Ayrshire services under construction. Should be avaliable for Later in the year.

This site is in no way linked to Strathclyde Passenger Transport or Scotrail.

Class 334 the replacement for the 303s see their own page below.

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