Dapple Morgan Ranch

Dapple Morgan Ranch is up and back in business! After a slight sebatical we're ready to get kickin again and jump back into the hobby! Keep an eye on the site for out opening photo sho details and sire/dam list updates.

     As soon as I get everything organized I will be hosting out Grand Comeback Photo Show. There will be a theme, but that has yet to be decided and will be disclosed to all as soon as it is. I'm also deciding at this point in time whether it will be a free show with no prize, or a small fee with an LSQ CM for the grand prize. Let me know what you think!

Also, I'll be setting up a page with all of my bodies on it, and what I would like done with them. If you're a customizer and you think you can take on the challenge e-mail me with a quote and a time frame and I'll see what I can't work out with you.
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