My Bodies
At this time all bodies I have are Traditional. I'll work on mixing it up. But if you see a project you think you'd be interested in shoot me an e-mail with a quote, a time frame, and when you'd be able to start on it, and I'll look it over and let you know what I think. Please allow at lease 2 weeks, from proposal to start time, to secure funds.
I've got a shetland pony, that I would like to stay that way. I tried to paint her, but never finished, and then she got scratched. So there is prep work to do.
I want the Shetland in a grey grulla with two tone tail and black mane.
Sweet and Simple, no reconstruction here.
Next I have a Man O War mold. I tried to file the halter off, and it worked to a degree. But now his face needs to be smoothed out. After that's all done I'd like a dark palomino with a lighter mane and tail, maybe swishing his tail, I'm not sure. Please send quote with and without tail reconstruction.
I have two classic rearing mustangs that I'd like to make into a set. One white with tannish tobiano markings, with a subtle pair of wings on his back. The next black with white overo markings and maybe something like a skull, or something devilish hidden in his markings. Again, no resculpting.
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