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For Kreidler, we can deliver the framework, rims, brakes, front- and rear suspension, fairing, buddyseat and reservoir, cylinder and cilinderhead, pistons, clutch, exhaust, ignition, carburettor, and so on.

We also turn regular engines into real racing engines by machining several parts ourselves : rotary disc-valve, dry clutch, close ratio 5 or 6-speed gearbox , expansion chamber, tuning of cylinder and cilinderhead, etc ….

Of course, we also tune other brands, and other modifications can also be discussed.

All of our work is done with the greatest dedication an professionalism, so we guarantee our customers racingparts of the highest quality, for a reasonable price.

Interested? Contact us, for more information.

* New parts added 09/03/08!


engine with watercooled cylinder: upperview

engine in '73-frame: left view

engine in '73-frame: right/front view

engine in '73-frame: right view

dry clutch + axis & gears (5 & 6 gears)
Bing carburettor 28 mm, pick-up + Kröber race-ignition old model 12v, pick-upbase, trigger + puller, Kröber rev-counter, coil, pullertool
Hoeckle race crankcase , GP-Van Veen crankcase, conrod with silver-cage bearing, hex.adapter for rotary disc valve

race crankcase "normal" model,

"kit"-crankcase with small crankwheel, big-end silvercage-bearing, crankwheel with build-in bronze thrustwashers

Van Veen watercooled "kit"-cylinder, Van Veen works cylinder (mod. '70/73)
Kreidler breitwand air-cooled cylinder, "V" Van Veen replica cylinder

carburettor flange (rubber), cover rotary valve, dry clutch complete,rotary disc valve,alu. shift-handle, clutch plate: steel, clutch plate : friction, clutch : inner house, fuel valve, GP-clutch cover

clip-on handlebar, fork GP-Kreidler 1978, fork Ceriani

perfect 50cc aluminium racing rims; 1,2 X 18" , 36 holes

high shoulder and very good finishing

set of race tyres Bridgestone

2.00x18 + 2.25x18

profile Bridgestone race tyres

fairing model Van Veen GP-Kreidler 1978, with round or square nose

seat en fuel tank (with emblem) Kreidler 1978

170 mm Fontana hub&brake (magnesium)

rear hub&brake Kreidler for '73 model

large seat model "Lazzarini" for '78 model, footrest kit, brake and gear lever
Frame Van Veen Kreidler 1978, with axis
Frame Van Veen Kreidler 1978 , with axis
Frame Van Veen Kreidler 1978, with axis

Frame Van Veen 1972/1973 Kreidler.

Fairing Van Veen Kreidler model '72/73 with emblems
Kreidler rotary valve crankcases, watercooled cylinder
Fuel tank Van Veen '72/'73, seat, support fuel tank

Fuel tank Van Veen '72/'73, seat,

support fuel tank

different models of exhausts (with/without muffler)
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