Well Guys, It's A New Year! And That Means A "New Look" For Our Website... Hope You Like It! We've Put In A Few New Feature's As Well... So Feel Free To Take A Look Around, And Let Us Know What You Think!!!  ::

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Avenge Monkeys Productions is dedicated to helping
the "MySpace" and "Bebo" community with personalizing
their Personal Profiles. Providing them basic Code's
to personalise their profiles. And also offering to
create Layouts, Avatars,Banner's, etc. Our site was
established on the 30th of March 2007, and ever since
then we have been assisting all those who come forward
in whatever needs or questions they may have, whether
it concerns MySpace Code's in general, Bebo Skin's and
Tricks, or even assisting them in editing their own
personal profile's. So please feel free to visit our
MySpace or Bebo profile's and ask us any questions that
you may have.

Here are some of our Leading Member's who make it possible to keep our
site up and running. Check out their own profile's and feel free to
ask them any questions that you may have.

Nick - President and Creator Mar - Vice President Peter - Moderator Leanne - Moderator
President and
Vice President

 - HEYYOOO PEOPLE!!!!! The Staff of Avenge Monkeys
Productions would just like to EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
... and with the NEW YEAR, comes a NEW LOOK... yep... you
guys may have already noticed that we've changed a few
things since you'v lasted visited (which hopefully wasnt
TOO LONG AGO....*AHEM*... lol!)... but DO NOT FEAR, we are
still the same guys, doing the same stuff, spending ENDLESS
HOURS our computers just so you can enjoy yourselves MORE on
our site!! woohooo!! doesnt that just make you feel all FUZZY
inside?!?.... LOL!!... anyways... we've named the NEW LOOK:
"Chaos"... and RIGHTLY so, cuz that's exactly what we had to
go threw just to bring it to ya!!... (llonnngggg stoorryyy)
.... anyways... Hope you guys enjoy! just look around for any
of the NEW features, and... um... uh...ROCK ON!!! WOOHOOO!!!
(January 16th - 2008)

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