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October 6, 2008 Upcoming events: NKOTB in Los Angeles, CA on October 8, 2008


October 5, 2008 New Joe McIntyre blog posted a the guys' official website:

"The Swap meet boys"

We were at the venue early in Chicago
And there was a swap meet going on in the parking lot, so to kill time
I looked around. And what did I come upon, but us. The woman who was
selling us, at first had no idea and then I asked her, Did you ever
think that I would be the guy buying me? We had a laugh about this
surreal moment. Nice to know that we are playing the arena and not
just getting sold off at a swap meet.
P.S. I decided to just sign mine in hopes that she could make a couple
of extra bucks on them. (Donnie apparently quit the Swap Meet Boys
because he felt like a piece of merchandise).


And this is a video courtesy of domshan929: New Kids performing I'll be loving you forever in Cleveland 10/3/2008 (there's also a video of the NKOTB performing Hangin' Tough, Cover girl and more ... Great videos thanks for posting domshan929)



October 2, 2008 We've finally learned the name of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham's baby No. 3. Brendan Joseph Wahlberg joins big sister Ella Rae, 5, and brother Michael, 2. Congratulations to the happy family.

Today Thursday, October 2 Washington, NKOTB at DC Verizon Center.

Check out this exclusive look behind the scenes off stage and on stage with NKOTB on tour! Watch it here

You're gonna love this video courtesy of hhbb79: New Kids preparing for Sound Check, Donnie wearing his white robe, Jon going out for a quick ciggy, Jordan just finished eating.


October 1, 2008 Jordan and Joe interview from HandbagTV

These were from last Friday's show:
Click here for a review from the Boston Herald
Click here for a review from the Boston Globe

NKOTB Interview in Ok magazine - UK issue: "New Kids on the Block talk growing up and sexy fans"
Your comeback has caused mayhem in London. Were you expecting that?
Danny: We didnt know what to expect its been crazy. They had to close the HMV store we were at because there was a stampede and everyone was screaming!
Arent you a bit old to be a boy band?
Joey: Thats just a label. Were five personalities, not a boy band.
Jordan: Theres no age limit if youre still making good music. Is 40 too old? We could be 70, you know, whats the difference?
So the New Kids grew up and got married?
Jordan: Yeah, me and Joey are the right honourable lads of the group.
Whats it like now your teenage fans have become women?
Joey: Theyre sexier, and we can talk to them instead of them trying to grab our watches or something!
Jordan: Back then it was like: New Kidswhatever. But when you have older fans it makes you feel credible. Were cooler now.
British girls or American chicks?
Danny: The British have a great sense of humour, its similar to that of the girls we used to hang out with in Boston. But here, theyre very independent and have careers.
Whos the biggest flirt?
Joey: Donnie is really touchy feely.
Danny: Yeah, hed kiss everyone to the point where were like: Youre gonna catch something, man!
Hes not here to defend himself!
Jon: Sorry, no. Hes off schmoozing with Al Pacino and Robert De Nero at the premiere of their new film.
Whats the best gift youve ever been sent by a fan?
Jon: Cakes from The Cupcake Twins. Theyre so good the cakes, not the twins!
Which British actress would you serenade?
Jon: Kiera Knightly. I loved her in Atonement.
Danny: Same here. We could have a Kiera sandwich!
Joey: I think Rachel Weisz is hot, and what an actress.
Who spends the most time getting ready?
Danny: Joey. Hell be like: Ill wear a T-shirt, maybe this jacket, add some cufflinks, then this hat The list goes on.
Which one of you is the most devoted family man?
Jordan: I am. Family has played a big part in helping me to grow.
With crowds of girls screaming after you, do you ever wish you were still single?
Joey: No! You might think, Id really like to bang that broad right there but obviously you dont because youre happily married! Wait. Can I just say Im the luckiest man to be married to my girl.
Who is the rudest celebrity youve ever met?
Joey: Meat Loaf. I was on this TV show with him, and during the break I tried to talk to him about one of this songs that my cousin and his wife performed at their wedding. He just went: Who cares! It was wrong on so many levels.
Jordan, you did a reality series with Jodie Marsh. Whats she really like?
Jordan: Shes a go-getter and a flirt, but not skanky. Shes smart as she knows that shes sexy and does what she has to do.
Do you like a girl in her party best, or laid back and casual?
Jordan: Ive always told my wife she looks best first thing in the morning. Then Im like: Damn, will ya get out of bed and make breakfast!
Joey: I dont think any guy would ever say make-up is best.
Do your wives get jealous of all the female attention?
Joey: They try not to let us know how much they care, but we do.
Jordan: The thing is, some of us may be taken, but when were on stage were all single!
Jon, you toured with Tiffany in the 90s. Tell us about your love affair
Jon: Oh, you know, we were seeing each other for a little while.
Danny: What are you talking about? Come on, you were banging her good and proper for two years. Were allowed to say that right?!
Are you nostalgic about the 80s?
Danny: Theres no nostalgia attached to those haircuts! But its a good feeling being on a stage doing the old stuff.
Jordan: I loved being a teen in the 80s finding out who you were and discovering girls for the first time.
You recently recorded a track with the Pussycat Dolls. What was that like?
Danny: Nicole is the only one on the record. But if we do a video, it will be the five of us and the six of them, thatd be awesome theyre hot!
Jordan: Theyre a burlesque act, but more refined than you would think. Were going to work them into our live show.
Jon: Theyve got it going on!


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NKOTB September 27:
VH-1 Top 20 Countdown
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NKOTB September 28:
VH1 special - Live from Boston
NKOTB September 18 - November 26:
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NKOTB September 23:
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Uniondale (NY), USA

NKOTB October 7:

NKOTB at The Rachael Ray Show




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