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Vital Statistics

Country    Austria
City    Vienna
Date    22nd September 2004
Doing    Beerfests, roller coasters, castles, marionettes, opera
Health    Slurred speech, shouting, inability to walk straight. Otherwise OK
Drinking    Hacker Pshorr, SpatenBrau, HofBrau
Eating    Half chickens, more half chickens, and sausages.
Tan    Gone. sob. sob.
Money    Chewed through it in Munich and Prague didn't help as we bought some souvenirs and what not.
Locals    Love their beer, 130L per person (man, woman, child, baby) per year. And the Czechs 160L
Where to Next?    Itinerary
Latest Message    Prague was covered in tourists and tacky souvenir shops. Did a really good walking tour and went to a puppet theatre version of the Mozart Opera Don Giovanni. Saw the massive castle and the house in which Franz Kafka wrote. Next was Munich and meeting up with Vic and Hamish was really fun. Finding a place to drink was a little stressful at first being really busy but once we found a seat with Simon, Verity, Dave, Paula, Duncan, Ewen, setal, katie and crew things improved immensely. The oompah band did a great job entertaining. Inever thought singing kay-sera sera could be so much fun, especially when the other 9,999 people in the tent are singing as well. In vienna and went to a real opera, Verdis Rigalleto. Only 2 euro as well.
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Images supplied courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency. Really.


Cow parade, Prague
Germans like things Mr. Clean and Proper, Berlin
Drunkin shenanigans x 3, Oktoberfest, Munich
Budapest with parliament in the background

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