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Vital Statistics

Country    Germany
City    Dresden
Date    11th September 2004
Doing    Pub Crawls, the wall, concentration camps, bike tours, red light districts, sex museums
Health    Fighting fit. Except for the hangover
Drinking    Hoegaarden (yummy wheat beer), apple and corn schnapps, nasty cocktails and absinth
Eating    German wurst, great Amsterdam Bagels, waffles
Tan    Slight comeback with really nice weather in Berlin and Amsterdam
Money    Amsterdam good for cheap 4 euro sunnies and flip-flops. Only 15 euro to buy a bike from a junkie after your last one was stolen or thrown in the canal. Hotel Adlon in Berlin 2000 euro a night for the cheap rooms or 7500 for the Presidential suite. No, we didn't stay there.
Locals    Dutch pretty laid back, Germans a bit more serious and Russians completely f***n mental
Where to Next?    Itinerary
Latest Message    Had a criusy time in Amsterdam admiring the picturesque canals and wonky skinny buildings. Visited Anne Frank House and the museum brought to you by Stephen Spielberg and the proceeds from Schindlers List. Looked at the Van Gogh Musuem and picniced in Vondel Park with many colourful locals. Next was a mission of a bus ride to Berlin where we stayed for 4 days. Did a really good free walking tour and found out lots about the war, the wall, the commies, and saw Hotel Adlon, where Michael Jackson dangled his baby. Went to Sachenhausen Concentration Camp (very sad), cycled around Potsdam (very palacey), visited the Reichstag (very transparent). There we were ear-bashed by a looney russian who seemed paranoid about the rise of feminism in western countries. Bizzare. Met lots of nice people on the pub-crawl though.
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Images supplied courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency. Really.


Appreciating art at the Louvre, Paris
On the bike tour, Paris
It seems to be jammed, Luxembourg
Big pointy thing, Paris
Magnificient fountain that, Versailles
Bang bang its lucky luke, Brussels

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