The Catlins

June 2007

Country    Aotearoa
City    Pounawea
Date    1st to 4th June
Doing    Celebrating, eating, drinking, exploring, playing games, mixing cocktails
Health    Recovered by the afternoon
Drinking    Mojitos, San Francisco Slams, Lady Throat Killers, vino
Eating    Pizzas, Roast Chicken, Squeaky cheese, Choclate sauce, bacon, bacon, bacon
Tan    Becoming translucent
Locals    Yellow eyed and shy
Most popular    Stan
Message    Awesome time, despite the sleeping arrangements. Good crew, good food, good drink, good scenery.
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Nugget Point lighthouse Nugget Point Hoi ho Lads Pool Lads Darts
Cake Stan Stan Again Team Pounawea Girls at Jacks Blowhole
Lads at Jacks Blowhole Owaka '07 represent Cathedral Caves Beach Seagull 1
Seagull 2 Waves Rainbow Lake Wilkie Purakaunui Falls
Purakaunui Falls 2 Purakaunui Falls 3 Moeraki Boulders Moeraki Boulders 2 Moeraki Boulders 3

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