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SMEs Development Expert
Nabil Muhammad Kashkoul Abdul Jawwad Shalaby
Dr. Nabil Shalaby
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Dr.Shalaby  has  an extensive  experience  working overseas  on   economic development   and    capacity-building   projects.   His  skills  include   needs assessments  ,  business  management  ,  organizational  development   and project design, monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Shalaby skills range from   on-the-ground experience  as  a SME   development  consultant  at  a Canadian project , to serving as  the director of  the Mansoura technology  incubator in Egypt ,  to  an  expert , helping  Gulf  countries  to  establish  small  business development    centers,    incubators    and   foster    entrepreneurship.     He provides  technical support   and  assistance   to   the   Middle  East   micro , small  and  medium enterprise   development   activities .    Dr. Shalaby  has many   of   publications   include  ,   books  ,    papers  ,    researches      and articles    pertain   to   SMEs   development .     He     holds     a    bachelor's  degree    in   engineering    and a  master's   degree  in engineering ,  Thesis title   "   The    role   of  Business   advisory    services   in   improving  SMEs competitiveness  " ,  and a Ph.D.    degree  in   Entrepreneurship   &   SMEs  Development,    USA.    Dissertation title    "  The   role of   incubators    and technology   parks   in  fostering  Entrepreneurship   in   the  Arab countries"
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Saudi Arabia

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River Nile at Mansoura City (Home), Egypt.
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