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Lake Matheson, New Zealand
Njoy Travelling
HOME          NJOY TRAVELLING is set up to serve people who like to explore New Zealand within their time and budget limitation while having fun and enjoy the inner beauty of each place in New Zealand. It is lead by friendly, multilingual (Thai - English- Tagalog) speaking, and warmth people who will bring you around as friends and family.
CONTACT US What are special with Njoy Travelling?
* Tailor made program accoding to your time and budget.

* High flexibility, you can choose your own activities as you like, yet very interesting.

* Affordable, as we'll go like backpackers, some nights might stay at our place to keep our prices low.

* Multi-lingual, we speak English-Thai-Tagalog...less hassels with communication.

* Warm and friendly host.
What do you need to do?

* Contact us, discuss about program (we'll tailor for you).

* Get Visa.

* Get yourself a ticket to Christchurch.

* Pack your stuff and come!

* Meet at Christchurh, New Zealand...then OFF WE GO...YEAH!
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Is it right for you?

If you:

* Like to explore South Island of New Zealand

* Get bored of hopping on and off bus/coach just to take pictures and go

* Like to save money and control your expenses under budget

*Like to choose your own activities

* Have no problem staying in Backpacker accommodation (mostly save and clean)

*Like to come in small group

*Like to travel as friends and family instead of tourists and tour leader

*Like to have less communication problems as we speak English -Thai - Tagalog

*Like to be looked after by friendly people

*Like to go around as local instead of tourist

Well, if most of the answers are
YES then our program is right for you.
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To Book or Contact us: [email protected] or [email protected]
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