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UPDATE: AS OF 7/13/06!!!!!!!!

http://mikeconnors.cjb.net is not handled by Mike Connors himself anymore! He has turned all reigns over to me, Matt The Hoople! The same goes for his http://www.myspace.com/shreddingguitar420666187 site! The update is old on here and Mike is gunna give me an update to post on both sites, as he told me, in the next week or two! "The Mad Riffer" will be having me update abit more regulary for he has no time to do so. Only update to announce: on the www.myspace.com/shreddingguitar420666187 there is now no songs on it till a brand new song is able to be posted. We are, however, trying to get a Warspawn song up on there to hold you all over. In the meantime, Mike does a shot of J.D. for you all!! As he would say, cheers!!!

~Matt The Hoople
Caretaker of this site
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