Jesus is in Ann Arbor too*
I guess I, too, have conformed to the fad of building a web page...  This one is kinda different though. You see, when I get lonely for the familiar faces out east ( yes, and some out west), I remember that Jesus is in Ann Arbor too.  Yes, Jesus is here, beside the sorority divas and fraternity kings.   He's here among the condemners and activists in the diag and among the study-o-holics in the grad library.  He's here with the wannabe hippies and the arty personalities with the thick black glasses frames. He's here, and holding on to me with His word and brothers and sisters like glue. So when ever possible, I'd like to share with you what He's shown me on this vast battleground of political correctness.*
The Thoughts
Please respond to the essays by signing my guest book.  I would like read your thoughts about mine. If you had opposite thoughts to the ones I presented (like if you think I really misinterpreted Radiohead by making them sound "christian"--that was a joke, but if you did have a problem with that please do tell me so I can set you straight... just kidding),  or if you have had a similar thought that adds on to mine,  or even if the essay had no effect on you and you thought it was dull, Please Tell Me. It's important to me to see how the words I write are recieved by you, because I am hoping that my writing is a way to stay connected to the people that God has blessed me with in my life, even though I am not able to see them very often, being far way and all. And sign it more than once--like everytime you read an essay.. or do I sound needy?  PLEASE SIGN. THANKS!
*What the asterisk  is for:
Jesus is everywhere, not just in Ann Arbor, and so am I.  These essays are written from wherever God is talking to me, and that is everywhere I live, which probably won't always be Ann Arbor. It makes for a cute title though, doesn't it?
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There are too many good quotes to write on, but I'd still like to share with you some of the ones I've picked up in the last few years.  If you're a fiend for other people's words, check this out, baby.
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