Harry Martin is the eldest elder at the church I grew up in, Northwest Fellowship. He reminds me a lot of Professor Kirke from the Narnia Chronicles. Almost every time he teaches he says something amusing and thoughtful. This morning he taught, and I thought, "I need to feature his quotes on my web page." 
Here they are:
"You hear about the Roman Arena... I'd like to see a room full of Christians as excited as an arena full of hockey fans"
If James Lipton asked me my favorite noise, I'd tell him: A choir of six year olds singing "This is the Day that the Lord Has made."  My least favorite noise?  A preacher on the television or radio asking for money.
I'm a book channel junkie.
Lisa's favorite
Without prayer I'd just be an angry old man. Without Ducktape.
Referring to how we should pray for the world leaders rather than complain about them
Talk about weapons of mass destruction... Just think about what one angel could do!
And when you read the Bible in the morning, don't just flip the pages and do what it says.  You might flip to "tie your ass to a tree."
Other greats:
(let me know if you have a quote of his I should put up here)
"You'll come out of this smelling like roses..."

I was experiencing a sort of physical/spiritual battle today in church.  As I was walking to my car to have a good cry, Harry stopped me and asked me what was wrong. I told him I was going through some stuff. I was pretty vague. Anyway, he told me the above quote.  I think it applies to any battle we hand over to the Lord.
"Jesus wasn't running for Messiah"
That was contributed to me by Bekah Ridenour
It's a great thing to be 78 years old and still have a future to look forward to.
I don't use notes to remember what to say, I use them so I don't go on and on and on.
God "Tabernacles", not "Temples", among us.
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