Walk On
"What you've got they can't deny it
Can't sell it, can't buy it,
Walk on, walk on.
Stay safe tonight.

I know it aches
Your heart it breaks
And you can only take so much
Walk on, walk on"
    This song has been a real comfort to me lately. I might be way off what the group intended, but here is what I see:

     Sometimes being a Christian around here feels a bit like trudging through mud. There's something in the air around all these liberals that begs "be open to everything, accept everything, believe everything BUT JESUS."  Can one be opened minded and love Jesus? Does open minded mean "accept everything?" Jesus was open to everyone. He ate with tax collectors, chatted with pharisees, and forgave the sins of prostitutes. Jesus had this freedom because he had the spirit. Nothing could take Him away from God's presence. In that way, He was free to be in the presence of what the world called "sinners." 
     To walk these environmentally pure streets without God's presence in mind is a scary situation. Without His foundation,  our only answers are "freedom to express," "freedom to feel, "and "freedom to experiment with blood/alcohol levels."  This city serves as a great place to get along without God. That's how I would describe it. Everyone has room for eachother's beliefs, room for confronting the world's most vicious problems (by protesting in the diag), and room to gain all the worldly knowledge they want from the MLB lecture halls. But there is no room for Jesus in the hearts of the many I pass on the bridge to central campus every morning and every evening on the way back to the hill. The paradox  (I stole the word from Matt) is similar to the Mad Hatter and and the March Hare at the tea table in
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  "No room," they cry over and over, but in actuality there is plenty of room, they are just too stubborn to see.
      Jesus never forgot that He had a father in heaven. He takes no glory for himself, but always points us in the Father's direction."
Do not believe me unless I do what the father does. But if I do it, even if you don't believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand the Father is in me, and I in the Father" John 10:37-39. Part of our survival is remembering the Father. Remembering that we have Him in us and around us.
        I like how U2 says "
What you've got they can't deny it." It reminds me of what Paul says about nothing being able to  separate us from Christ. U2 says earlier in the song (it's called "Walk on" by the way), "What you've got they can't steal it, No they can't even feel it." Bono is right, the empty souls have nothing against the life within me. I like the picture of the world not being able to feel what I have, so they can't steal it. If you think about these lyrics long enough, you can see how brilliant they really are.
     Then they tell us to "Walk on." You have to realise what you have in order to walk. And once you do, you can walk on, and "stay safe." But their next part tells us that even that knowledge doesn't prevent us from trials. We can only take so much. God recognizes that. Even so, we must walk on.  And remember Christ is by your side during the walking.
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