Born on Tuesday March 28, 2000 at 6:05pm
7 pounds 13.8 ounces and 19.5 inches long
Howard County General Hospital
March 28, 2000

My original due date was March 17, 2000, and as that date came and went we wondered if this little baby would ever make an appearance.

On March 20, 2000, I was admitted to the hospital overnight for a cervadil application because I was about 50% effaced and 1cm dilated and we were going to try induction the next morning.  I had contractions all night at a regular pace, but they never became painful and the baby was handling them very well according to his heart rate.  The next day I was on pitocin all day, increasing the dosage every 20 minutes.  I had regular contractions all day but again they never became too intense.  I left the hospital that evening around 6pm, exhausted and hungry as while on pitocin I could only have clear liquids.  We scheduled another induction for 2 days later.  I came into the hospital on March 23, 2000, and went through another full day of pitocin.  Again, by the end of the day I had made no progress.

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday March 27th and was again told that I was still at the same dilation and effacement as before.  I scheduled a non-stress test for the next morning, an ultrasound for Thursday March 30th and would be scheduled for another induction on Friday March 31st, to be followed by a c-section if I made no progress at that point.

I was quite distraught all day Monday and didn't sleep much that night.  The next morning Frank left for work around 6:30am and I got up to use the bathroom.  I sat down and felt a gush, and thought immediately that that was not a normal thing.  I tried not to get my hopes up, but as I headed back to bed I began to leak even more fluid and knew for sure it was my water breaking.

I called Frank immediately to tell him the news.  He was in the car and not quite at work yet, so he told me to call the doctor and he was on his way home.  I called my doctor who told me to go to the hospital.  This baby would be arriving today!

We took our time once Frank got back home, got ready to go and I waited a little anxiously thinking I might be in more severe pain very soon.  That never happened, so we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast on our way to the hospital.

We arrived and got settled in our room.  At this point we knew our way around the labor and delivery area pretty well and knew many of the nurses.  I was checked by my doctor soon after I arrived at the hospital.  Since I was still only 1cm dilated and 60% effaced we started pitocin again.

I spent all day on pitocin again, still having contractions but none that were very painful.  My doctor checked me at 4pm, the baby was still very high and I had made no progress.  She declared that I had 1 hour and if things hadn't changed we'd be going into surgery and the baby would be taken by c-section.

At 5pm, I was checked and then prepared for surgery.  While Frank was given scrubs and getting dressed in those, I was walked into the operating room.  I sat on the operating table while they checked my vitals and then prepared the spinal and epidural.  I had to sit on the table and lean forward in a c position against the nurse while they inserted the needle into my spine.  It was very uncomfortable trying to sit still with the stinging sensation going on but I managed.

Once that was complete, I started to feel my feet going numb, and soon my legs followed.  They positioned me on the table and one I was lying down I started to feel warm and nauseous.  The placed a small container next to my face as I mostly dry-heaved into it, as I had only been allowed clear liquids since that morning, standard procedure with the pitocin.  Once done, they continued to prepare me for surgery and I nervously waited for Frank to appear.

Next thing I know, Frank is standing at my right side holding my hand and they have draped a curtain in front of me so I can't see anything.  They begin the procedure, and I can't really tell anything is happening.  Around 6pm they announce that there is a lot of dark hair on the baby, but it seems like forever before they announce the baby's sex.  It takes the 2 doctors and a nurse forever to push and prod and get this baby out.  According to them, he's in a little strange position and his umbilical cord is wrapped around him twice so he wasn't going anywhere.  At 6:05pm they announce it's a boy and take him over to the warming table.  Again, it takes a while before we hear him cry but it's the greatest sound.  He doesn't really continue to cry, but the 2 people tending to him mention that he looks concerned.  They clean him up and warm him up and pronounce him very healthy with apgars of 8 and 9.  As they leave him laying there on the warming table, Frank struggles with whether to look at me or the baby.  I can't blame him, I'm trying to see him also.  They stitch me back up, transfer me to another bed to wheel me away, place Nicolas on my chest and wheel me back to recovery.

We no sooner arrive in the room and I'm told I have a phone call.  Frank takes it, it's my brother and he's the first one to hear the news.  Frank gets out of his scrubs and goes back up to the lobby to announce it to the rest of our family and friends who have been waiting.  They all come back to the room and begin to pass around little Nicolas, who cries a little and looks around the room at all of the new faces he'll become familiar with during his life.

Recovery wasn't an enjoyable experience at all.  They gave me some demoral before taking me to the maternity ward, but it didn't seem to be doing anything.  I ask for something else and get percocet, which made me feel really disconnected and groggy.  The next morning they removed the catheter and had me get up and walk.  It was so hard just to manuver myself in the bed, much less get up.  I swear that I will never choose this way in the future, but just like they always say, a few days later when the pain subsides I decide it wasn't all THAT bad, especially since the reward was a beautiful, healthy son. Still, I'd like to attempt VBAC next time.

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Nicolas John was 
7 pounds 13.8 oz. and 19.5 inches
Proud Daddy Daddy holding Nicolas, Mommy recovering from surgery Proud Grandpop (Dina's Dad) Proud Grandpop (Frank's Dad)
Frank, Dina and Dina's Mom Proud "Nana" (Dina's Mom) Proud Daddy again Daddy, Nicolas and Grandmom (Frank's Mom) Grandmom holding Nicolas
Baby Nicolas - 2 days old
Nicolas sleeping on Mommy
Sleeping baby Nicolas
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